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UK: Westminster Déjà Vu – Hyper-Realistic Stress Test Or Verifiable Tip Off

21st Century Wire says…

Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire spoke about the public ‘following the narrative‘ on the recent edition of Boiler Room at Alternate Current Radio.

By continually following mainstream narrative we often miss the subtleties and nuances in language that can be questioned more alongside trusting and employing our own common sense. When we dig deeper, collate similar patterns of information from events and then stand back, the picture changes further and becomes even more interesting than before.

Looking at the recent apprehension of a now named ‘lone wolf’ suspect at Westminster yesterday…

Daesh (ISIS) have not yet reportedly claimed any responsibility regarding this event. Because it wasn’t a ‘hit’?

There are conflated reports of the suspects ‘family’ tipping off police and security services to monitor him for weeks, whilst one report said it was the suspects local mosque that alerted authorities beforehand. No basis for the ‘tip off’ has been reported yet.

What motivated the police and security services to apprehend the suspect at Westminster instead of at an earlier stage of ‘covert’ monitoring, taking into account the tightness of security around Whitehall/Westminster (which are areas extremely close to Scotland Yard, including MI5 and MI6).

Their ‘target’, i.e. the suspect, could have been arrested under the Terrorism Act at multiple locations prior to the central London apprehension point. Also worth noting that the suspects monitoring could have commenced at a time shortly after the Khalid Masood incident of March 22nd, again a time where police and security services would have been working tirelessly to ensure an event like the one involving Masood does not reoccur.

Have we just witnessed a hyper-realistic stress test or ‘exercise’ by authorities to display to the public their committed work to ensure public safety, including a better public relations image of the police and security services who’ve been under heavier than usual media scrutiny during these events that continue to bear patterns before and after the incident occurs.

Or was this a legitimate case of another Khalid Masood styled event about to take place at the epicentre of British politics, policing, and state security services…by another suspect with his second name as ‘Khalid’.

More on this report from RT…

(Image – AP)


A terrorist suspect who was arrested by armed police as he was carrying a “bag of knives” through Westminster on Thursday has been named as Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali.  

The 27-year-old suspect, who is understood to have been born overseas and lived in South East London, was detained outside the Treasury, just yards from where five people were killed in a terrorist attack by Khalid Masood last month.

Dramatic pictures show police pinning the suspect to the ground as three large knives and a discarded rucksack featuring the Union flag with the word ‘London’ on it lie on the pavement next to him. Witnesses said he appeared calm as the officers moved in.

It is thought that he was headed towards Downing Street after emerging from St James’ Park Tube station, according to the Telegraph.

MI5 and counter-terrorism police were tracking the suspect in a joint covert operation over some weeks after being tipped off by his family, Sky News reports.

Metropolitan Police say the man was arrested under the Terrorism Act and for being in possession of offensive weapons. It is believed that he was acting as a ‘lone wolf’ and he remains in custody.

The Met says two other addresses in London are currently being searched as part of the investigation.

“I want to reassure the public that our increased activity to combat terrorism over the last two years continues – both by police and security services,” deputy assistant commissioner Neil Basu told journalists on Friday morning.

“Activity continues around the clock to identify and stop these threats and we are making arrests on a near daily basis,” he added.

Just hours after the suspect was detained, a separate investigation saw police shoot and injure a woman in her 20s at a London address in a counter-terrorism raid.

Local residents reported hearing gunshots as heavily armed officers swooped down on the terraced house in Willesden on Thursday evening. The woman, who is in a “serious but stable” condition, has not yet been arrested due to her condition, but is one of the subjects of the investigation. She remains in the hospital under police guard.

Six people have been arrested as a result of the investigation…

Continue this report at RT

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