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(VIDEO) 93-Year Old Syrian Woman Describes Her Life Besieged by ‘Rebels’ in Kefraya, Syria

Sputnik News

A 93-years old woman and her grandsons barely managed to escape Kefraya – a city in the Syrian province of Idlib, currently besieged by terrorist forces.

Born in 1923 in Aleppo, Fatima Muhammed Najar witnessed and experienced many things in her long life. However, nothing could’ve possibly prepared her for the ordeal that was living in the city of Kefraya in northern Idlib, which is currently besieged by terrorists, according to Sputnik Arabic.

“The terrorists have taken my children. One of them died; they let three of them go back home. Two of them (sons) enlisted into the army. A kilo of wheat costs 7,000 Syrian pounds (about $32.8). I’m thankful for the humanitarian aid that was airdropped to us. A kilo of meat costs 32,000 Syrian pounds (about $150),” the elderly woman says.

The 93-years old woman, accompanied by her grandchildren, was recently able to flee Kefraya and tell the world what it was like to survive in the city cut off from the rest of the nation and from the world by violent militants.

“We were living like prisoners, denied the most simple and necessary things: food and water. A kilo of bread was worth 1,000 liras (about $5), a kilo of corn was sold for 7,000 (about $32.8). There was no way to get medical attention; no medicine save for eye drops and ointments. I believed that God was my doctor and my medicine. There was no diet of any kind, I ate any food that I could get,” Fatima explained.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201701031049226633-syria-kefraya-siege-story/


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