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Reports: ‘Rebels’ in East Aleppo Shooting at Syrian Civilians Trying to Flee the Terrorist-Occupied East

21st Century Wire says…

The momentum has shifted tremendously in Aleppo this week as the Syrian Army advance through terrorist-held Eastern Aleppo, gradually driving out Western and Gulf-backed terrorist and militants from their occupied enclaves in a city held hostage since 2012. 21WIRE will post continuous ALEPPO UPDATES as we receive information…

Presently, the Syrian Army are moving neighborhood to neighborhood in an effort to retake the eastern part of the city, allowing thousands of civilian residents there to flee to safety. Despite being the so-called ‘rebels’ being in retreat, militants are not ready to let their ‘human shield’ civilians exit to the safety of government-protected West Aleppo. According to residents, these ‘moderate’ rebels are firing at innocent people who are trying to leave (see video report below).

Meanwhile, US officials at the UN continue to spread lies and disinformation to a gullible western public, claiming that the residents of East Aleppo are “victims fleeing Assad’s bombs.” Here is an interesting tweet from US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, again, promoting more White Helmets staged imagery and emotive ‘regime change’ propaganda:

Here is another White Helmets propaganda image, posted by the exiled US Embassy for Syria:

On the ground from RT

“RT’s Lizzie Phelan went to a former food market turned makeshift camp where some east Aleppo residents have fled en route to safer places within and outside Syria. A generator has been set up in the camp to let people charge their phones so that they can try to contact friends and relatives who can help them get further away from the conflict-torn area.”

“They were shelling in our area, but we didn’t leave our home. It wasn’t until my home was destroyed and my children were injured that I said I could no longer live there and I left,” one woman named Fatima told RT.

Here is an earlier report by Murad Gazniev showing how the “rebels” in East Aleppo are using the residents trapped there as ‘human shields.’ Watch:

In the Eastern Aleppo, over a third of ‘rebel’-held areas have been recaptured by the Syrian military. As civilians flee the terrorist-dominated east into government-controlled districts, stories are now emerging showing how western-backed militants are stealing all humanitarian food and aid, and try and sell it back to residents at inflated unaffordable prices. Other residents reaffirm reports of ‘rebel’ militants targeting and shooting civilians who tried to escape East Aleppo. Watch:

See more on this story at RT


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