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October Tease: Wikileaks False Start Leaves Trump Supporters Sleepless and Exasperated

21st Century Wire says…

This was one of the most eagerly anticipated ‘cyber’ events ever, but today’s ‘October surprise’ turned out to be an October tease.

On Monday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange warmed up the international community, and more importantly Trump supporters, when he hinted, “If we are going to make a major publication about the U.S., we wouldn’t do it at 3 a.m [Tues].”

As it turns out, after much hope and lots of hype, Trump supporters couldn’t even get to first base with Assange this morning…

Originally, Assange was scheduled to deliver his announcement Vatican-style from the balcony of his residence inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London, but due to reports of a death threat, a decision was made to change venues, opting instead for a video link from the embassy to Berlin where a Wikileaks 10 year anniversary event was being hosted by his colleague Sarah Harrison.

Over in America, the Trump camp was buzzing with the promise that Hillary Clinton would be mortally wounded by this morning’s big reveal. Trump’s online again-offline again surrogate-cum-secret agent, Roger Stone, was over the moon with joy, and even tweeted:

Trump backer Alex Jones insisted that the Wikileaks document dump would be “historic” and that “the Clintons will be devastated!” and even went so far as to promote a live broadcast special on his channel Infowars.com, promising to unveil the ‘devastating’ news.

In the end, nothing happened. There were no documents revealed.

A classic case of the media jumping the gun, before anything was actually confirmed.

It wasn’t only Jones and Co. Many a Trump supporter stayed up all night in anticipation of what this Wikileaks trove might bring…

It is still possible that the major information release previously promised by Assange is imminent, and Assange did hint at this in the wake of the DNC leaks which led to the resignation of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others over systemic Democratic Party corruption. In his statement, he reiterated the incredible workload that he and his team have in vetting all the information in their possession before it’s released. Wikileaks also has to be careful in order to preserve the integrity of the leaks, but also to organize and catalogue the information for press and public consumption.

Assange has since indicated that waves of documents will now be revealed in a time-released fashion, with some items dumped each week, right up until the US election on November 8th.

When asked during his Berlin videocast about what the impact might be based on his knowledge of the information, Assange simply relied:

“We think they’re significant.” 


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