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ACTIVE SHOOTER OR DRILL? The Cascade Mall Shooting

21st Century Wire says…

There have been a string of active shooter events prior to 2016’s first presidential debate this coming week – with many incidents appearing suspicious in nature. 

The Guardian reports that the apparent motive still remains unclear:

“A 20-year-old suspect was in custody on Sunday for the killing of five people during a deadly shooting at a mall in Burlington, Washington, two days before. Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor, Washington, a legal permanent resident who had immigrated to the US from Turkey, was discovered “zombie-like”, police said, on Saturday evening after police responded to a tip-off following an intensive 24-hour manhunt.

Cetin was unarmed at the time of his arrest, authorities said. Although a motive for the shooting remains unclear, authorities told local media that Cetin’s ex-girlfriend had previously worked at the targeted department store but left her job months ago.

The suspect had been charged three times with domestic assault against his stepfather and had been ordered by a judge not to possess a firearm, according to the Seattle Times. At a Saturday press conference, the FBI said terrorism was not a suspected motive.”

Memory Hole below…


Photo Illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton


Memory Hole

Victim Corpses Remain in Mall Overnight

Witnesses Sequestered from Press

Photograph depicts porta-potties, hugs and smiles at scene

As we have sought to document at MHB on a routine basis, ‘active shooter drills’ are now common occurrences across the US. Such “training” is a consequence of the heightened federalization of local and regional law enforcement.

The September 23 Cascade Mall shooting north of Seattle in northwest Washington State took place shortly before 7:00PM local time, and has certain suspect features evident in photos, particularly evidence of tents and porta-potties on the scene, as observed by a MHB reader.

Photo: KIRO 7
Photo: KIRO 7
Photo: KIRO 7

There is an absence of footage of wounded or deceased victims in triage or being given ambulatory services away from the scene. Instead, news media were told victims remained in the mall awaiting the local coroner. The Washington Post reports,

“As of Saturday morning, the bodies of the four female victims were still inside the mall, Skagit County coroner Hayley Thompson said at a news conference Saturday. Thompson said when she gained access to the scene, the four female victims would be taken to Skagit Valley Hospital and undergo autopsies.”

Such events are reported on by major news media uncritically, thus supporting the call for strengthened gun control measures while ironically stimulating gun purchases by a public that fears such restrictions.

The Cascade Mall shooting’s police spokesperson for the event is Washington State Patrol’s Mark Francis. A press release was issued over 18 hours after the event transpired.

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