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UN Report: Saudi-led ‘Coalition’ Airstrikes Are #1 Cause of Civilian Deaths in Yemen

21st Century Wire says…

They are best friends with the political elite in Washington DC and London, and they have most favoured client status at The Clinton Foundation. They are Saudi Arabia, and this is why they are considered ‘above the law’ in all things internationally…

PAY TO PLAY: In the spring of 2015, the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took the bold step of bombing and invading neighboring Yemen. In order to do this, they had to spend a lot of money first – on US and UK weapons systems, and on buying their position as head of the UN’s Human Rights Council. This might sound unbelievable, but in a US-led post-accountability era, such open corruption has become normalized…

Saudi military have carried out air strikes on civilian areas in Yemen (Image Source: Alwaght)

Finally, after 2 years of turning a convenient blind eye (and reaping billions in arms contracts as a result) while Saudi Arabia sanded down any vestigial remnants of international law, the great and the good in North America and Europe have finally admitted that their rich Gulf client is responsible for the vicious war in Yemen, and is the number one cause of dead innocent civilians in that country – and by the way – all killed using arms purchased from the US and UK during the last 18 months.


Even US State Dept surrogate Amnesty International has been forced to call-out Saudi’s role in the Yemen debacle:

“Speaking on the atrocities committed against civilians in Yemen, human rights activist Lama Fakih, a senior crisis adviser at Amnesty International, told RT that her organization has called for a range of consequences against the Saudi-led coalition for its “unlawful attacks.”

In a prefect world, this would lead to sanctions against Saudi, but alas, the world is far from perfect…


Airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen are responsible for the majority of civilians killed in the country’s ongoing conflict, the UN has found, while calling for an international investigation into the coalition’s violations there.
“OHCHR has documented incidents in which air strikes by the coalition forces had an impact on localities with a high concentration of civilians, including markets and residential areas, as well as on events such as wedding ceremonies, frequently incurring high casualties and causing substantive infrastructural damage,” the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a report.
“The cases monitored by the Office indicate that air strikes were the single largest cause of casualties,” the report published on Thursday states. “The prolonged duration of the conflict has strongly heightened the disastrous risk of a systemic collapse of Yemen.”

According to the UN’s human rights office, an estimated 3,799 civilians have been killed since the Saudi-led airstrikes began in March of 2015. The UN and rights groups estimate that at least 9,000 people have died overall, and 6,711 people have been wounded in the conflict.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has called for an international investigation into the violations committed by the Saudi-led coalition, saying that a national commission had failed to succeed in pursuing those responsible.

Speaking during a news briefing in Geneva, Mohammad Ali Alnsour, chief of the Middle East and North Africa section of the UN’s human rights office, said: “The coalition had shared with us their internal investigation. And our observation as an office [is] we need to see more transparency in terms of these investigations.”

“The compensation of the victims is an important element, but it is not the only element. We think there should be a kind of accountability and these violations not to be repeated again,” he added.

The UN’s 22-page report also condemns the recruitment of child fighters in Yemen, as well as suspected US drone strikes and attacks on human rights defenders. The office also accused the Saudi military of dropping cluster bombs in Yemen’s residential areas…

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