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Putin Warns ‘Foreign Enemies’ Targeting Upcoming Russian Elections

21st Century Wire says…

Putin exposing election interference is a huge deal.

Watch a video of this here:

Russia’s President Putin has put Russian intelligence agencies on alert for interference of foreign origin in the country’s parliamentary elections later this year.

The Russian President singled out ‘foreign enemies‘ as the central problem for the upcoming elections this September.

Putin had this warning for those who may want to interfere:

I am reading your [secret service] reports that I regularly receive, both the summarized and detailed ones proving that unfortunately our ‘enemies across the border’ are preparing for the coming elections,”

“This is why everyone should know that you are persistently working to defend our interests, in accordance with our laws,”

“Such technologies to influence politics exist and have already been repeatedly tested in a number of countries. We will give a proper reply to this threat to our sovereignty,”

You [the FSB] should do everything to cut short the activities of those who attempt or can attempt to use nationalist, xenophobic and extremist slogans to bring discord into our society,”

Over the past year we have cut short the activities of 400 professional officers and agents of foreign special services. Twenty-three of them have been brought to justice.

Despite claims the contrary, and labelling of ‘conspiracy theorist’, spycraft is very much alive and well in the modern world; and make no mistake, Russia certainly plays this game too.

The extent to which the West might seek to interfere is debatable, they certainly would like to see the back of Putin but to keen observers, Putin is a moderate. Will it, then, be a case of it’s ‘better the devil you know’ for the West?

It would probably be advisable to avoid any meddling, so we do not have to face a ‘proper reply’ to what Putin clearly sees as a ‘threat’ to Russian sovereignty.

Do you think there will be mass, foreign interference in Russia’s elections this September?




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue