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Plastic Persona: Behind the Scenes of the Ted Cruz Media Machine

21st Century Wire says…

Most people accept that a certain amount of political campaigning is staged, and even a little contrived at times.

For the most part, the public is fairly unaware of just how fabricated the political images they see on TV really are.

Earlier, 21WIRE showed the abysmal scene from GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s recent staged town hall meeting. As bad as that Jeb moment was, it almost pales in comparison to what’s on offer here

After their narrow Iowa GOP caucus victory this week, the Cruz campaign took a cheeky swipe at rival Donald Trump. Cruz communications director Rick Tyler remarked to CNN after the final results were announced, “Reality hit the realty TV star in Iowa, so nobody is talking about him now, so he’s trying to regain some attention on Twitter.”

After watching the following behind-the-scenes video out-takes from the Rafael Edward, or “Ted” Cruz campaign machine, one could easily make the argument that it’s Cruz who is putting up the dramatic TV facade, and even using his own family members as political props. Watch…

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