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Activist: ‘This is where you can make the most impact’

21st Century Wire says…

If you’ve been following the events outside of Burns, Oregon, you’ll have seen 99% of the news coverage has been about the presence of ‘armed militia’ and endless rumors of FBI ‘Waco Siege’ plots – and not about the core legal issues surrounding the Hammond family. These stories often start out as local issues, then quickly spin out of control and end up being managed and contested at the Federal level.

Sunday Wire host Patrick Henningsen spoke to independent activist Jason Casella from PANDA UNITE and the Solutions Institute about his recent experience at the Oregon Standoff, and also about America’s ‘crisis of liberty’, as well as some positive trends in activism today. Casella advocates getting closer to the sources of power and decision making in your local community:

“You have to make sure that your city council and county commission is acting on behalf of the people, and acting within the restraints of the Constitution, before you can ask somebody in DC, for example, or even at your state level of representatives. This is where you can actually have the most impact.”

Listen to the full interview with Jason Casella below.

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