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Anonymous Officials: CIA-Backed Rebels Were Making Progress Before Putin’s Airstrikes

21st Century Wire says…

This is the most laughable report you will read on the Russian intervention all week.

Watch a video of this report here:

Before we begin, notice the report in question does not state any rank or title of these ‘officials’, and judging from the content of their remarks they may as well be the official Pentagon janitor.

A ridiculous claim has surfaced from anonymous ‘officials’ that the CIA-backed rebel forces in Syria were making progress before Russian airstrikes began.

You might ask, progress against what? ISIS, surely?

Fox News has the answer:

CIA-trained Syrian rebels, who had started to make serious gains on President Bashar Assad’s forces, are now under Russian bombardment with little prospect of rescue by their American patrons.

In other words, those ‘rebels’ were attacking an internationally recognised government. What Fox News does not seem to understand is that this makes those fighters terrorists, not ‘rebels’, under even the lightest definition of terrorism.

Do these look like liberty loving ‘rebels’ to you? (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Moreover, why would terrorists have ‘American patrons’? In what world can the US train rebellious forces to overthrow a sovereign government? Fox, obviously, does not begin to address these glaring problems.

This is an admission that the US has been primarily seeking to overthrow Assad, not eradicate ISIS.

Joshua Landis, professor at the University of Oklahoma, said thatprobably 60 to 80 percent of the arms that America shoveled in have gone to Al Qaeda and its affiliates“. Taking the lowest estimate for argument’s sake, that means 60% of money used in this charade has materially supported international terrorism.

Such facts have led to Russia to ask the US: ‘Which side are you fighting for?‘ Putin’s actions to stop the progress of these ‘rebels’ is then undoubtedly doing the world a huge favour.

40% of the terrorists’ infrastructure has already been destroyed, causing a terrorist exodus from Syria, and thankfully the Russian’s have vowed to continue their campaign until Syria is liberated.

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