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Anti-Putin Propaganda Begins: ‘Moderate’ Terrorists Complaining That Russia Bombed Them

21st Century Wire says…

You really could not make this up.

Watch a video of this report here:

Today has marked the official start of Russia’s bombing campaign against ISIS, and the Western establishment has taken to mainstream media to launch a propaganda campaign against Russian-led efforts to help stamp out the terrorist menace in the region.

That campaign takes the form of reports that have emerged claiming that supposedly ‘non-ISIS’ rebels have been bombed by Russian jets.

The Independent, a British media outlet, says that activists’ in Homs and Hama provinces have posted images and video online claiming to show Russian planes bombing groups of non-Isis rebels who are fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces‘.

There are numerous glaring problems with this assessment. The first, obviously, being that anonymous ‘activists’ provided the information. The second being that the video that news outlet links to shows no jets at all, let alone ‘Russian planes’. The third is that those ‘non-ISIS rebels’ are still ‘fighting Bashar al-Assad’s forces’, who are the main anti-ISIS force in the entire country, which makes them part of the problem.

A whole lot of hot air. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The outlet even admits that jihadists sometimes co-operate with Free Syrian Army in its battles against ISIS and government forces‘.

At what point does cooperation become amalgamation? It has been widely understood for some time that there are no ‘moderates’ in the opposition and the FSA is just as bad as the rest.

Technically, Assad and his government is the internationally recognised, legal entity in sovereign control of Syria, which means anyone fighting, violently, against him is a terrorist. For those in disagreement, aside from suggesting study of international relations, we offer this definition of terrorism:

The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

This is an obvious response to the humiliation the West’s Syrian policies faced this week from Putin at the UNGA, where he delivered a landmark speech exposing Western crimes and failures in the region.

We await the arrival of a political opposition force and the Syrian Gandhi, Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, because the FSA is certainly not it. In the mean time, let us hope that Russia can get the job done and help to establish an environment where a political opposition can be successful.

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