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The Thunderous Threat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Principled Politics to The Power Elite

The real opposition the UK has been waiting for has finally arrived at the helm of the Labour Party.

During the British Labour Party’s recent leadership election, the candidate who was supposed to be nothing more than a fringe addition to the competion, Jeremy Corbyn, swept to power by gaining 60% of the vote from party members. This is an unquestionable result and an incredible mandate for power, which far exceeds that of Tony Blair back in 1994.

Prior to the election, Tony Blair, ex-Labour Leader and British PM who could face war crimes charges for the Iraq War, warned that Corbyn’s leadership would doom the Labour Party to annihilation. The numbers, however, show a different story, as thousands joined the Labour Party just to vote for Corbyn and over 30,000 more have joined in the first three days after the result. Others even tried to brand Corbyn as anti-semitic as he shot to the stars of political popularity during the leadership race.

Corbyn is not afraid of the oligarchy. (Photo Credit: David Holt)

Those attacks are now continuing in the face of the election result, with the radical feminist crowd unleashed upon Corbyn accusing him of being a ‘woman hater’ as he lacks women in his newly appointed Shadow Cabinet. What these obviously ill-educated people cannot apparently understand is that having a token woman, or arbitrarily mandated 50:50 split, is far worse than a meritocratic system of appointment that just so happens to end with an all male result. For if we are not appointing people based on their merits, but instead their gender/race/religion, we are practising the most ignorant form of discrimination we could ever be unfortunate enough to encounter.

However, the most wild and serious claims have come from the British Conservative Government, branding Corbyn as a threat to national security. This stems back to the fact that Corbyn takes a strict stance against militarism and nuclear weapons. Corbyn actually agrees with the aforementioned potential to try Blair for war crimes. The Russian Embassy in the UK summed this situation up best, asking: ‘Just imagine UK media headlines if Russian President called a leading opposition party [a] threat to national security?’ We need not elaborate further on this point.

If we were to take all of these ridiculous claims at face value, we would be left with an understanding that Corbyn is some unpopular, anti-semitic, woman hating, national security threat. While we have displayed that this is not the case, what it reveals is that the British establishment’s power elites and oligarchs are taking Jeremy Corbyn very seriously indeed. Such an all out attack on Corbyn signals that he is being viewed a thunderous threat to the current neoliberal power structure, which all stems back to his unwavering stance on putting the people before special interests.

As an independent candidate in the British General Election of May 2015, I brought a program very similar Corbyn’s to the public even before the newly elected Labour Leader. In my speech at the vote count, I took the time to detail that program and specifically point out the fact that it could form the basis of a viable opposition to the current pro-austerity, neoliberal consensus. Jeremy Corbyn’s sweeping victory has just proven my claim to be true.

But why is that platform so viable and such a threat? That can be answered by the fact that it is principled, pragmatic and honest. Its central point of attack aims directly at the banking oligarchs responsible for the current crisis, contrary to belief that it was the welfare recipient next door, by bringing control of the Bank of England directly back into the hands of elected officials; away from unaccountable bankers in the not so ‘free market’. Corbyn would then, as I also wanted to do, use the bank to fund national infrastructure projects that would create millions of jobs and tangible wealth simultaneously.

In a country where the Prime Minister is now accused of sexual debauchery with dead farm animals and elites are allowed to walk free no matter how much evidence is laid out against them, it is no surprise that the political establishment is doing everything in its power to try and stop Jeremy Corbyn – a thunderous threat to the fun and games they are playing at the expense of quite literally everyone else in the entire country.

If we could pass on only one piece of advice to Corbyn, it would be the following: STICK to your guns and do not under any circumstances pull a Tsipras!

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