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DAILY SHOOTER: Delta State University Professor Dead After Campus “Active Shooter Drill”

*Editor’s UpdateThe main suspect in this case was found dead in his car with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police have declined to discuss the motive in the case. As with so many recent shootings (the Virginia shooting), this incident has seemingly been resolved in less than a full day – without any clear motive for the apparent double homicide.

21st Century Wire says…

Although it’s been less than 24 hours since the apparent shooting of a professor at Delta State University in Mississippi – there are already number of important questions surrounding the incident.

According to reports, a manhunt is currently underway for a Delta State University geography instructor Shannon Lamb, who is reportedly on the run after allegedly shooting his girlfriend and a close colleague on Monday morning.

The ‘active shooting’ was described by the Daily Mail:

“Lamb, 45, allegedly gunned down church outreach minister Amy Prentiss, 41, at their home in Gautier, Mississippi, at around 6am local time on Monday, according to a police statement.

He then allegedly drove 300 miles to his place of work, called 911 to alert them to Prentiss’ death, then opened fire on the campus at 10:45am local time, killing assistant history professor Ethan Schmidt. “

Many in media have speculated that this recent shooting spree was the result of a love triangle. However, at the moment, authorities have not clarified Lamb’s motive for either shooting case.

On the Run – Professor Shannon Lamb is also an avid performer. ( Photo whaatsnew)

‘Active Shooter Drill’

USATODAY reported that Delta State University has been recently training for active shooter situations:

“The Bolivar County Coroner’s office said Schmidt was shot in his Jobe Hall office. The school said emergency management officials had set up a command center on campus.

“Fortunately for us, our public safety officers and university officials have trained many of us for active shooter situations,” Don Allan Mitchell, an English professor, told the Associated Press. “Many students are locked-down in classrooms, and professors and staff members are telling them the protocol. Plus, we are all texting and Face-booking each other to make sure we are safe.”

An an article published with the Associated Press, it was revealed that a police officer was on the scene within a “few minutes,” following the apparent shooting. The scene is described below:

“Some people thought that it might be a desk or door closing or firecrackers, but King said he thought it sounded like gunshots. A few minutes later a police officer — gun drawn — burst into the windowless room and ordered everyone to get against the wall away from the door. Some people also hid in a storage closet, King said. The officer didn’t explain what was going on, but King said the students understood.”

Continuing the AP article revealed that staff and students were alerted to the shooting event via text message alerts from people throughout the world:

“Eventually police ushered the students into another building and questioned them about what they’d seen and how many shots they heard.”

“Everybody’s phone just sort of went off at the same time,” [Charly] Abraham said. Then a staff member came in and told them that the campus was on lockdown.

“We discovered it was something very serious when we started getting text messages from people all over the world,” he said.

Eventually, about two hours or so after the initial lockdown, about 25 heavily armed police officers swept through the building, Abraham said.”

Recently, Mississippi State University also reported an active shooter on August 27th, although the suspect was said to have been taken in to custody after alleged threats – there was no gun at the scene or any reported injuries. 

Although the Delta State University shooting is still developing story and early speculation suggests that the shooting in Gautier could be related, it’s important to consider all of the various elements surrounding an incident like this.

In a strange turn of events, Delta State is slated to celebrate its 90th anniversary tomorrow on September 15th.

Stay tuned for new updates as this story develops.

More from Professor James Tracy and Global Research below…

Delta State University: Professor Dead after Campus “Active Shooter Drill”

Prof. James F. Tracy
Global Research

Remarkable Coincidences in Developing Story, Recent News Article on Delta’s Active Shooter Exercises Deleted From Web.

On Monday, September 14 Delta State University Professor Ethan Schmidt was allegedly shot by an unknown assailant who is media vis-á-vis university and Mississippi state officials, and federal agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Yet Delta State is also noted in the region for “active shooter exercises”–the most recent of which were held in late August of this year (see below news report). “We’ve had and hosted several active shooter trainings on campus,” notes Delta State Campus Police Chief Lynn Buford in a story appearing in the Bolivar Commercial that has since been deleted from its website.

Delta State’s police department works with the local sheriff’s office on such drills. When a drill scenario begins to play out campus police receive word of an alleged “active shooter” on campus. “Then we send out a text message that goes to Facebook and Twitter and email,” Buford explains. “Depending on the situation we’ll decide to either lockdown or evacuate.”

The campus community is kept apprised of such situations via “Okra Alert,” which uses social media to inform on the given incident. “It’s a text message system which includes text and email,” according to Buford. “We can also link it to our Facebook and Twitter pages.” About 4,100 people are Okra subscribers.

The story below on Delta State’s recent active shooter exercises has been deleted from the Bolivar Commercial’s website. It was located on the Internet Archive and saved via a screen capture.


There are also other curious facets to this developing story presented to the public via “social media postings.”

“Before Schmidt was identified as the victim,” Yahoo! News reports, “friends of the slain professor posted heartbreaking messages on his Facebook page inquiring about this wellbeing.” The story goes on to quote from Facebook:

“Watching CNN about events on your campus,” one wrote. “Please let us know when you can!”

“Yes, please let us know if you are ok,” wrote another. “Thoughts and prayers to you all at DSU.”

Further, Yahoo! News staff even claim to have known Professor Schmidt. This is indeed a remarkable coincidence! “Schmidt attended Emporia State University in Kansas with Yahoo News editor Everett Starling, and the two had remained friends,” notes Yahoo!

More from Global Research

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