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Henningsen on RT: Ukraine Neo-Nazis Could Overthrow US Puppet Poroshenko

21st Century Wire says…

Once you let the Nazi genie out of the bottle, it’s very difficult to put it back in.

Sowing the seeds of regime change…

Will US puppet Petro Poroshenko end up being overthrown by the very same pro-fascist street thugs who put him into power to begin with? 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International headline news today, explaining the dynamic in play right now in Kiev. Watch…

The Right Sector paramilitary factions are also being used in the East Ukraine civil war theatre, in order to antagonise an already fragile international ceasefire agreement. 

Political analyst Aleksandar Pavic told RT International yesterday, “You just have this carrot and stick, you have these alternative strategies and it’s nice to also have forces that are supposedly not under the control of Kiev – the so-called radical forces like Right Sector, etc. formally not under control of Kiev in fact they publicly renounce Kiev. But then they do some shelling or they do something against the other side, and Kiev has deniability and that’s just a recipe for more war. That reminds me very much of the situation in ex-Yugoslavia twenty years ago. We just had dozens of truces being achieved and yet they were just being used to buy time to rearm, to reorganize and just get ready for the next round of war. What we really need is a firm decision on the part of Kiev’s sponsors to say: “Ok, this is enough; we want a Ukraine that will be acceptable to both neighbors to the East and to the West; until that happens we will just have more war and tactical truces.”

Interesting parallels. 

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