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From Freedom to Fascism: Poroshenko to Impose Martial Law in the Ukraine

21st Century Wire says…

As 21WIRE reported earlier this week, the Ukrainian government in Kiev continues to reveal even more of its fascist pedigree – with the full backing of Washington DC. Fearing a loss of control in a increasingly chaotic situation, the regime announced its plans for Martial Law.

The last few days in Minsk saw the US-backed regime in Kiev defeated by cooler heads thanks to a European-Russian brokered peace deal. Although a ceasefire was reached, it’s fairly certain that Kiev will break this deal in order to preserve its chances of securing more US military backing. That could have grave consequences for the people of the Ukraine…

JUNTA REGIME: US-installed fascist government of President Petro Poroshenko and PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Much was made about the “Maidan Revolution of Freedom” last winter, but it turns out that this US and EU regime change project only paved the way for an even more brutal regime.

It’s well-known by now how the Nazi party and affiliated groups have penetrated into both political and military leadership positions in Kiev, but last week’s announcement by Kiev validated what we already knew – that the government led by President Petro Poroshenko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk has gone into full fascist mode. They also have the full support of the US State Department and a US Congress still hoping to send more arms and military equipment to the regime in Kiev. As we now see, that military build-up is not just for ethnic cleansing operations in east Ukraine, but also for managing a dissenting domestic population throughout the Ukraine:

Shelling it’s Own Citizens: We’ve know since the summer of 2014, that the US-backed regime in Kiev has been indiscriminately shelling its own civilian areas with munitions and rockets into populated areas – which is a clear war crime. Because the US media were not reporting it, it was perfectly OK for Washington. No surprise there.

Forced Military Service: Poroshenko decreed that another military ‘draft’ will take place, forcing an additional 100,000 citizens between the ages of 25 and 60, to fight in the CIA’s dirty civil war in the east.

Speech Laws: Despite a public admission by the head of Kiev’s own military command that there are NO Russian forces in east Ukraine, Poroshenko’s party submitted a new bill to the Ukrainian parliament which criminalizes any public speech that reject the government’s official narrative on the CIA’s proxy-civil war, which it describes as a “Russian military invasion”.

Martial Law: Finally today, Poroshenko took the draconian step to lock-down power domestically – by declaring Martial Law “if the ceasefire fails” (see report below). Seeing how Poroshenko killed the last ceasefires, one can expect that he will do the same again. US and CIA planners in Kiev could also use the ceasefire as a much-need break, to regroup, organize more western mercenaries to enter Kiev’s eastern front and also to wait for Congress to secure lethal aid to Kiev.

Poroshenko knows that the very same Nazi groups who put him into power will also throw him out on the street. The fact that the last 12 months have been a total failure for the US State Department’s nation-building project in Ukraine means that a second Maidan Square revolt is inevitable, and this reality may hit sooner than later for Poroshenko. At that point, the Ukraine will break up into separate states, and Washington will have failed, leaving the world in a worse, more tense state than it previously was before. That’s a familiar theme.

More from Kiev…

CIA PUPPET: Ukrainian President Poroshenko receives his instructions from US leaders.

Katya Gorchinskaya
Kyiv Post

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said martial law will be introduced throughout Ukraine if the cease-fire fails to start at midnight tonight, as agreed in Minsk, Belarus, on Feb. 12.

“Even before Minsk… I warned that we will have to, if there is no peace, take a very difficult but necessary decision to introduce martial law,” Poroshenko said today. “I stress once again that in this case the martial law will be introduced not just in Donetsk and Luhansk, but in the whole country.”

Introduction of martial law means that Ukraine’s army gets to control the streets and impose curfews, ban parties and other organizations, as well as mass gatherings, conduct searches and introduce censorship. It’s also allowed to claim property of businesses and private individual if needed.

Ukraine’s army said there has been no sign that the cease-fire is going to start in the east. Moreover, fights intensified in some areas, most notably close to Debaltseve, a strategic railroad junction between Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts. Yuriy Butusov, a Ukrainian journalist and editor of censor.net news portal, who covers the war in the east, wrote on his Facebook page that Debaltseve was surrounded by separatists, trapping thousands of servicemen…

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