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Addicted to War: Netanyahu boasting, ‘No one is immune to Israeli attacks’

21st Century Wire says…

There is nothing more dangerous than a cornered rat. The same could be said for a politician who thinks he’s losing the support of his people, and thus, about to lose power.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is facing the prospect of a close contest in the upcoming Israeli elections. To compensate for his failing approach to politics – increased defense spending, austerity, constant war and conflict, with absolutely no prospects for peace – the Israel leader is trying to start tertiary problems around him.

First he’s flying to the US to try and undermine the White House and further polarize existing partisan divisions in Washington – in a blatant attempt to disrupt the Iranian Peace Talks. Republican House leader John Boehner (R-OH) said in his statement that Netanyahu’s invitation to speak in Congress on Feb. 11th is a symbol of the ‘Washington’s unwavering commitment to the safety and security of Israel’.

In reality, Israel pays for that ‘unwavering’ commitment – by recycling US dollars back into the pockets of every US congressman and senator who runs for office via their own Washington DC-based political action committee AIPAC. In addition to AIPAC, there are other Israel lobby organizations who buy US politicians, as well as billionaire US-Israeli dual citizens like Sheldon Adelson. This is how Israel is able to warp US politics and foreign policy.

If that’s not enough, he’s also recently launched targeted assassinations of neighboring Lebanese Hezbollah militia fighters battling against ISIS in Syria. Why is Israel conducting airstrikes on behalf of ISIS in Syria?

His chief concern is staying in power, and it’s fairly clear that he will stoop to any level in order to achieve his goals – even if that means pushing the region, and the world closer to the brink of war. Certainly, the world looks forward to the day when Israeli voters eject this international mob boss from his ringleader position.

Until that time comes, the world will have to suffer another psychopathic leader…

John Boehner and Bibi Netanyahu likely discussing how to subvert Iranian Peace negotiations.

Jason Ditz

In comments that were widely seen as bragging over the January 18 assassination of top Hezbollah anti-ISIS commanders and an Iranian general, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Israel “have acted and thus we will continue to act.

Netanyahu said he had “proven that nobody is immune from our intention to foil attacks against us.” Israeli officials claimed, without providing any evidence, that the Hezbollah fighters were plotting to attack Israel.

Israel had attacked Syria several times over the past year, killing a number of people, and expressing both shock and outrage when retaliatory strikes are even mentioned by the targets. Last week, Hezbollah killed two Israeli troops with an anti-tank strike they said was retaliatory for the January 18 attack.

Netanyahu presented last week’s attack as an Iranian attempt to start a war, though there was no indication Iran had anything to do with it. He also said it highlighted Iran’s growing role in the Syrian Civil War, which Israel insists it isn’t involved in, but which seems to be an excuse for intermittent Israeli attacks.

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