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Forbidden Liberty: British MP’s Vote ‘Yes’ to Palestine, Israel Fearing Public Opinion

21st Century Wire asks…

Are Israel’s chickens finally coming home to roost?

There was never any ‘roadmap to peace’ as ringleaders in Washington would have you believe. That’s why nothing has happened in 30 years since “peace negotiations” started. Israel made sure the peace process went no where by insisting that Palestinian statehood, or any other form of liberation from occupation and apartheid, would come about only from negotiations ajudicated by Israel. Meanwhile, Israel stayed busy building its Berlin walls and increasing its manifest destiny condo communities to gerrymander its own conveniently undeclared borders.

The formula is simple: Israel gets bigger, while Palestine gets smaller. While you’re at it, might as well demolish some 30,000 Palestinian homes and kill a few thousand women and children – and say you’re ‘defending yourself’. It’s quite easy to see when you take off those cheap AIPAC-issued 3-D glasses.

VOTE OF CONSCIENCE: Sweden rejected Israeli apartheid last week, endorses Palestinians (Photo: Swedish government).

Last week the announcement by Sweden’s new government that it will recognise a Palestinian state in the future. As expected, Israel condemned the Swedish vote.

Both the Swedish and British Commons votes have come on the heals of recent motions by Palestinians at the UN security council to secure a binding resolution calling for the end of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories by November 2016.

You can’t help but wonder how badly Israel lost in the public opinion race, after its overly-celebrated slaughter of 2,500 Palestinians in Gaza this past summer…

NAUSEA: Netanyahu upset over shift in European and world opinion over Israel omnipotence (Image: EA World View).

This week, the British MP’s have done the same, and like clockwork, Israel has condemned them for recognising the concept Palestinian state. Mad Israeli officials are screaming out in their best Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian, American and South African accents, how MP’s are somehow, “undermining chances for peace”.

Britain’s ambassador to Israel was even forced to admit that this new wave of awareness trumping Israeli propaganda reflects a major shift British and European public opinion. Israel is now fear western public opinion, not least of all because western voters may ask their governments to cut off billions in welfare and tribute money that Israel receives each year.

Here’s the real question: Will the British vote actually affect its policy on Israel? Commentator Gilad Atzmon is skeptical, and with good reason (see post below).

After nearly 70 years, the old con is losing its hold, and Israeli hardliners are now feeling the pinch of public opinion, which could one day become the punch of economic sanctions.

Many are now seeing what so many enthusiastic Zionists in North America and Europe were simply too ignorant to observe – how Israel had transformed itself into a brutal and racially obsessed, fascist state.

And what so many were either too blind to see, or too embarrassed to admit, that by any reasonable 21st century definition – Israel is a failed state…

Gilad Atzmon

In a symbolic vote that has zero practical impact on British policy,  MPs have voted to recognise Palestine as a state.

Palestine won yesterday the support of 274 to 12, a majority of 262 MPs, on a backbench motion that may suggest that Israel’s popularity is non existent.

The British vote followed an announcement by the new Swedish government that it would recognize Palestine as a state. However, following the outcry in Israel, the Swedish government toned down its position and said the recognition would take place only after peace talks…

Read more from Gilad here

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