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In Memory of John Judge – Godfather and Pioneer of Alternative Media

21st Century Wire

In memory of an authentic trailblazer…

John Judge died on Wednesday of a suspected stroke. He was described by friends and colleagues as “an intellectual giant”, a tireless worker and one of the godfathers of alternative media and research.

It is a fact that John’s life of research, public speaking and new archiving (pre-internet), was one of the cornerstones on which today’s alternative media has been built. Many of the political, and exo-political topics and concepts he articulated decades ago, like US covert wars and operations, the rise of Fascism in America, National Security State and a One World Government – have since come to full fruition, proving he was a true visionary who made it his life’s work to help inform and warn us of future obstacles to society and geopolitics.

OccupyTheGrassyKnoll.org described Judge as follows:

“He grew up in the shadow of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA. His parents were career civilian employees of the Pentagon; his mother was the highest paid woman employee for many years, and was five levels above top security.”

“Author of Judge for Yourself, a compendium of his research articles and lectures about covert operations, hidden history and assassinations, he co-founded the Committee for an Open Archives in 1989 to free the JFK and MLK assassination files. That organization joined with others to form the national Coalition on Political Assassinations in Washington, DC, following appointment of the JFK Assassination Records Review Board in 1994.

… promoted the release of 4 1/2 million pages of records on the JFK assassination, the largest release of classified documents to date. He continues working for a full release of the MLK records.

His research unearthed startling information concerning Jonestown, programmed asssassins, post-war international fascism, Watergate and Contragate, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, organized political crimes, and so-called “UFO’s”

As a writer and researcher, Judge distinguished himself as a tireless JFK conspiracy researcher, and was co-founder of 911 CitizensWatch, and co-founder of Committee for an Open Archives, Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), and Committee for High School Options and Information on Careers, Education and Self-Improvement (CHOICES), described as “a group countering military recruitment in the schools and providing civilian alternatives”. He also served on the board of the Washington Peace Center.

Later in his career, Judge also served as a Congressional aid to firebrand Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia. Author Daniel McAdams knew Judge and commented in his passing, “We had the pleasure of working briefly with John while he served as Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s aide in Congress. He would occasionally come by the office and I recall being so enormously impressed by his fierce intelligence and his great courage. In a world dominated by 20-something staffers who in the main were convinced they ruled the world but whose arrogance was only matched by their ignorance, you can imagine what a treat it was when John Judge stopped by. He was a giant and he will be greatly missed.”

John Judge also collaborated with another ‘pre-internet’ researcher of note, Mae Brussell, herself dedicated to revealing the inner gangster workings of the US government and its thuggish corporate ‘friends’. It’s been said that theUS government were so afraid of Brussell that a house was built across to spy on her.

Of course, some alternative media personalities today were not in 100% agreement with some of Judge’s opinions or theories on the JFK assassination, or 9/11, but few would deny his dedication to the cause of truth and justice, as evidenced in his own sharp political activism.

McKinney’s eulogy demonstrates the measure of the man, “It is with even great sadness that I report to you the loss of my dear, dear, dear, dear friend John Judge of the 9/11 Truth Community. If ever there was a loyal friend to me, it was John Judge.

Judge for JFK 2013 Anniversary (Photo by Melissa Golden for The Wall Street Journal)

Before the internet, researchers collected books, VHS and audio tapes and press clipping files. They organised the information and then published it through independent books, newsletters, newspapers and magazines. Here is John Judge, recorded on tape circa 1989…

Judge on the subject of freedom of information and the opening the JFK archives, from CSPAN…

Here is a brilliant speaking engagement with Judge, as be brilliantly comments on the subject of impeachment and unconstitutional executive orders…


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