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BLM Feds Abandon ‘Free Speech Zones’, Protesters Reclaim 1st Amendment Right in Bunkerville

21st Century Wire

The armed federal stand-off at the Bundy Ranch outside Bunkerville, Nevada saw an important symbolic victory for free speech in America.

One of the most egregious pieces of tyrannical federal overreach enacted since 2001 has been the regressive government policy of setting up “Free Speech Zones”, or the cynically titled ‘First Amendment Areas’. The photo below show the federal ‘protester’s pen’ which was set-up by the BLM this week just outside the entrance to the Bundy Ranch.

GMN radio host Pete Santilli, who has been at the Riverside encampment since Wednesday supporting the cause of besieged cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, revealed that one BLM staffer even admitted the ‘Free Speech Zone’ was wrong. Santilli explained, “She admitted that they made and huge mistake by setting up this ‘First Amendment Area’, because it provoked something – it provoked a lot of emotion.” “They literally told me they thought they were doing the people a benefit by setting up the First Amendment Area’ to give people ‘free reign’ without having to worry about getting (free speech) permits. So they set up corral area.” In an act of civil disobedience, protesters took down the ‘Free Speech Zones’ set up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents.

Listen to Santilli’s full ‘First Amendment’ statement from Bundy Ranch on April 10th here:

“This morning I shut down that First Amendment Area. I now have in my possession a brown sign of which I paid a portion of through my tax dollars (…) on behalf of the American public, this First Amendment sign will stay with me, no matter where I go – it is a First Amendment Area – and I will hereby designate it as a First Amendment on behalf of all of the American public”, said Santilli. “No First Amendment Area shall ever be set up by any government – not in any country I’m living in. So BLM, be on notice, if you want this sign it’s in much better hands in my possession than in yours.”

“If you want this sign, then you come and take it. I hold this sign in trust on behalf of the American people.”

Bundy supporters and family members reclaim their rights, and open up their protest outside of the government corral…

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