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Terror Factory: Inside The FBI’s Manufactured War On Terrorism

21st Century Wire says…

The engineering of fear, and how to deploy it against the people- this is the War on Terror in a nutshell.

“US Senator Diane Feinstein tells us terror threats are escalating. New groups, new tactics… But when asked for details…”

“Can’t say anything. National security, don’t you know.”

Here’s the truth about the “threats”…

Brasscheck TV

There’s a terror war on America alright, but it’s being waged on America not by turbaned men in caves, but by US “intelligence” and “law enforcement” agencies against the minds of the American people.

Anyone with half a brain who has spent even 10 seconds deconstructing the “plots” and “threats” the FBI has supposedly thwarted knows they are utter nonsense. It’s always the same story: Half-wits losers without a clue are corralled into going along with schemes invented and funded by the FBI and then arrested at the last minute… making the FBI heroes and justifying ever more waste of time, money and effort and abuse of citizens by so called law enforcement who are “keeping everybody safe.”


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue