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Ex-Florida Marine and Wife Found Guilty of Horrific Crime

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We are lost for words.

Erik Ortiz

An ex-Marine who led a deviant double life — and who with his former wife used sex with their children as “part of their parenting plan” — could spend the rest of his years in prison.

Jurors in Orlando federal court heard graphic and shocking behavior conducted by parents Jonathan and Sarah Adleta, who were accused of preying on their daughter and son over four years.

Jonathan Adleta, 25, was found guilty Thursday of two child-sex charges, the Orlando Sentinel reported. He will be sentenced in December.

Ex-wife Sarah Adleta, 29, already pleaded guilty in May to related charges and could see 15 to 30 years behind bars when she’s sentenced next month.

Prosecutors laid out the couple’s disturbing abuse — and jurors were told how Jonathan Adleta jumpstarted his abominable acts with a confession he wanted to have “daddy-daughter sex,” the Sentinel reported.

Sarah Adleta testified that while they were dating, he talked about sexual situations between fathers and daughters.

She gave birth to their daughter in March 2009, and they married the following year. They also had a son together.

According to the Sentinel, Jonathan Adleta said he would only marry her if she allowed him to fulfill his twisted fantasy.

Sarah Adleta told jurors that she was willing to do whatever it took to be with him.


Jonathan Adleta, who rose to the rank of assistant training officer in the Marines, was later deployed to Afghanistan.

In his LinkedIn profile, he claims he was injured during Operation Enduring Freedom and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Upon his return to Florida, he moved his family to California, where Sarah Adleta said the abuse picked up.

But the couple later divorced in 2011, and Sarah Adleta moved back to Florida with their kids.

The exploitation, however, didn’t end.

The former wife said she allowed Jonathan Adleta to abuse his daughter via Skype.

He also met another woman, 23-year-old Samantha Bryant, and after they began dating, he started abusing her 4-year-old daughter.

Bryant allowed the sexual assault to occur, investigators said. Child pornography was later found in the Oklahoma home she shared with Jonathan Adleta.

In December 2012, Sarah Adleta brought her children to Oklahoma to spend time with their father, Bryant and her two children.


During that time, Jonathan Adleta allegedly abused his daughter in his bedroom while Sarah Adleta watched.

The toddler “seemed very resistant,” the mom testified, and appeared “really upset.”

She said her ex-husband suggested she find another man to have sex with their daughter so that the girl wouldn’t be “freaking out” during future situations, the Sentinel reported.

The FBI said Sarah Adleta complied: she eventually found a man in North Carolina, and sent him pictures via Skype, email and cellphone of herself engaging in sex acts with the children, according to CBS affiliate WKMG-TV.

That man was later arrested for having sex with a child in an unrelated case — an investigation that would help bring an end to the Adletas’ abuse.

Working on a tip, the FBI and Oklahoma police tracked down Jonathan Adleta and Bryant in March.

Bryant was found guilty on two counts of lewd molestation in June, and was sentenced to consecutive 15- and 30-year sentences, reported NBC affiliate KJRH-TV.

“It’s unfortunate anytime a child is involved — an innocent victim — and we take those things very seriously in the FBI … to protect our children,” Special Agent Rick Rains said after Bryant’s arrest.

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