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Edward Snowden in secret hide away in Russia

21st Century Wire says…

Where’s Snowden? Some say that Edward Snowden will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life…

Tariq Tahir

Metro News

Edward Snowden is living under guard at a secret location in Russia but is able to travel incognito and is expecting family visits, the intelligence whistleblower’s lawyer has said.

Mr Snowden was given temporary asylum in Russia after fleeing America via Hong Kong following his leaking of details about the US National Security Agency’s internet and phone surveillance programmes.

In an interview with Russia Today to be broadcast in full later this month his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said: ‘No one is being told his place of residence.

‘This is done on his request because we understand that the level of danger is quite high. I think it is still impossible to say or “unscramble” his place of residence.’

The lawyer revealed Mr Snowden had security guards, although he was evasive about whether they come from Russia’s security forces.

‘They do not necessarily have to be Russian security forces. We have quite a few private firms.’

He added Mr Snowden, 30, was able to travel and walk around without being recognised, despite his worldwide fame and the media hunt for his hiding place.

‘He walks around. He can travel. He does travel, because he is interested in our history,’ Mr Kucherena told the English-language TV channel funded by the Russian government.

Asked if people had recognised Mr Snowden, he said: ‘No, so far no one has recognised him.’

He confirmed that Mr Snowden’s father still planned to visit him, as did his mother and his grandparents.

Mr Snowden’s father’s US lawyer said in August that he had received a Russian visa, but Mr Kucherena said there was a delay due to Lon Snowden’s plans.

Mr Kucherena said his client ‘undoubtedly’ has more classified material information to hand over though he would not give any details.

‘You have to understand that Edward worked quite a long time for the CIA. He is a good specialist. He is a professional,’ he added.

The United States wants Russia to hand over Mr Snowden so that he can be investigated over the leaks.
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