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New York cops shoot two bystanders on Broadway

21st Century Wire says…

On a Crowded New York street like Broadway, luckily no one was killed.

Elizabeth Ferguson and Erin Calabrese
New York Post

Cops trying to subdue an emotionally disturbed man with a long rap sheet accidentally shot two female bystanders outside Port Authority Bus Terminal on Saturday night, source said.

Theodora Ray, 54, was struck in her leg — breaking two bones in her calf — as she stood leaning on her four-wheeled walker across from the terminal; Sahara Khoshakhlagh, 35, was grazed in her buttocks.

One of the victim’s of Saturday’s shooting lies wounded on the sidewalk.

Two cops pulled off a total of three shots in the mistaken belief that the deranged Glen Broadnax, 35, was armed after he reached into his pocket as they approached him, officials said.

Broadnax took his hand out of his pocket and “simulated shooting the officers,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters.

“He’s got a gun!” witnesses said someone in the crowd shouted just before shots rang out.

One police bullet sent Ray sprawling to the sidewalk grate, still clutching her walker.

She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where Kelly visited her before speaking to reporters waiting outside…

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