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Cameron and Hague can’t seem to agree on what to do in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

Granted, it was never going to an easy sell…

First US Congress shot down the Obama-Neoconservative alliance to send weapons to the Islamist paramilitary confab in Syria. Now confusion on the matter appears to have set in with No. 10 Downing Street.

PM David Cameron: ‘We’ve ruled out arming the opposition on advice from the British military.”

William Hague says, ” “shouldn’t rule any option out”.

So which is it?

One thing is certain, the so-called “rebels” in Syria are not very happy right now…

David Cameron accused of betraying Syrian rebels

Ruth Sherlock and Colin Freeman

General Salim Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army, said the decision would “leave us alone to be killed” by President Bashar al Assad, and pave the way for al-Qaeda to dominate the rebel ranks.

(IMAGE: “General” Salim Idris (left), photo AP)

Mr Idris hit out in an interview with The Daily Telegraph after Downing Street confirmed that Mr Cameron had ruled out arming the opposition on advice from the British military. The government had previously hinted that it was strongly considering it, successfully lobbying two months ago for an end to the European Union arms embargo.

But military chiefs at Britain’s National Security Council are understood to have warned Downing Street that the conflict was now too advanced for basic weapons supplies to make much difference.

They said that could only be achieved by a much-larger scale intervention, involving jet strikes on regime air defences and bases, which Britain has already ruled out.

Instead, Britain will draw up plans to train moderate rebel units and continue supplying “non-lethal” items like body armour and communications equipment.

The British change of heart was greeted with fury by Mr Idris, whose organisation is one of the main moderate rebel groups fighting President Assad. It has spent much of the last two years trying to persuade the West to give it military backing.

“The West promises and promises. This is a joke now,” Mr Idris said, the anger clear in his voice. “I have not had the opportunity to ask David Cameron personally if he will leave us alone to be killed. On behalf of all the Syrians, thank you very much”.

The move comes amid growing signs that the Syrian conflict is now turning in President Assad’s favour. On Monday, Syrian troops backed by tanks and artillery moved into the rebel-held Qaboun district of Damascus, stepping up efforts to drive opposition fighters from the capital…

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