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Senate Leader Harry Reid looks to block debate with ‘Nuclear Option’

21st Century Wire says…

Senate leader looks to end filibuster debate with a nuclear option….

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, seeks to shut down debate over presidential nominations, ending the ability for Republicans to filibuster executive branch and government agency nominees.

In true tyrannical fashion, Sen. Harry Reid, seemingly assumes a role as a ‘usurper of the people’ condemning criticism over executive nominations, leaving no other option than the choice of the president.

Could this be a response to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster back in March?

Paul’s filibuster, gave national attention to a highly controversial U.S. drone program that was supported by then CIA director nominee John Brennan before he was confirmed. Perhaps the system wants to keep a lid on the unsavory leanings of the next presidential nominee….

IMAGE: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Reid prepares to light fuse of ‘Nuclear option’ in Senate
By Stephen Dinan
Washington Times

Declaring that the country faces a presidential nominations crisis, the Senate’s top Democrat vowed Sunday to press ahead with showdown votes this week that could end up rewriting Senate rules to power through President Obama’s team, but also threatens to end the comity that is essential to the chamber’s operations.

Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said he wants to tweak the rules to stop Republicans from being able to filibuster when Mr. Obama nominates someone to fill an executive branch or independent agency job — though Mr. Reid would continue to allow filibusters for judges.

“The changes we’re making are very, very minimal. What we’re doing is saying, ‘Look, American people, shouldn’t President Obama have somebody working for him that he wants?’” Mr. Reid said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program as he defended the “nuclear option” to change the rules.

Under that scenario, Mr. Reid would use the Democrats’ majority in the chamber to overturn decades of precedent — which amounts to a rules change when it comes to parliamentary procedure — and establish that nonjudicial nominees are not debatable to the same degree as bills.

Mr. Reid’s Republican counterpart, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said Democrats are itching for a fight when there isn’t one to be had.

He said Senate Republicans have confirmed Mr. Obama’s picks at a faster rate than President George W. Bush was getting at the same point during his time in office, and that Republicans haven’t defeated any of the president’s major executive nominees.

“When it comes to nominations, as I’ve indicated, the president hasn’t lost anybody — he hasn’t lost anybody,” said Mr. McConnell, also appearing on NBC. “Are they saying they don’t want us to even debate these nominations?”

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