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Serious Samba: Brazil protests make Turkey demonstrations look like a warm-up

21st Century Wire says…

Just as recent events which began in Turkey’s Taksim Square – of government thugs throwing down the heavy hand of the state of peaceful assemblies there – are now fading from the headlines, another apparent grass-roots phenomenon has just emerged – one which has the potential to dwarf anything the tree-loving Turks could possible throw at their oppressors…

Like with Turkey –
 heavy-handed police thuggery at a relatively obscure San Paulo protest over transport fair rises accelerated into what a larger event, which has now mushroomed into a multiple issue movement – literally overnight.

After waking up from their long slumber following Carnival in February, Brazilians have taken to the streets en mass, demanding long overdue reforms in a country where stealing may be a bigger national pastime than even football, and where the government and bureaucrats are the perennial champs. Ironically, it’s the subject of football, the once sacred national sport in Brazil which has stirred the Brazil’s once compliant Carne e Batatas crowd, who have finally begun to wise up about international scams like the Olympics and the World Cup.

For Brazilians to say no to massive parties like the World Cup and the Olympics can only be read as a clear indication that the socioeconomic situation in that country is not nearly as rosy as BRICS shills are claiming it to be – watch in news clip at bottom of page) where a female BBC Brazil anchor claims that there is “full employment” in Brazil. That party line is now crumbling rapidly…

Aside from being fueled on social media, protesters have appeared to have also managed to hack into Brazil’s World Cup website in order to show the world what’s happening in Brazil right now.

Watch as stunning Brazilian model-vist ‘Carla’ lays out a pretty compelling case, certainly one that Londoners can relate to after 2012… http://copaemcuiaba.com.br/

Watch as crowd throng the capital city in numbers only a country like Brazil can supply – and they are certainly showing up the Occupy Movements in America and Europe for the controlled opposition that they were, evidenced by the soft-left-wing pointless and impotent gestures at power they exhibited at the time…



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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