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Drone Killing: Murder Without Trial for Victims and Perpetrators

JLJason Liosatos
21st Century Wire

Drones are the perfect murderers weapon because Drones feel no emotions, they have no ethical and moral opinion, they don’t need a salary, a uniform, a pension, food, or sleep, and Drones also don’t talk about what they have done or seen.

Consider this: Drones and their operators, don’t suffer from traumatic stress, they don’t commit suicide, but we are told they do the job of dozens of soldiers with one bomb at the press of a button, without all the planning it takes with boots on the ground. They perform without emotions and feelings and are the perfect killing machine.

The mind-set of the people using and producing these killing machines is evident in the names they use for the different Drone models: Predator, Hunter, Reaper, Warrior, Switchblade, Shadow, Dragon Eye, Raven, Outrider, Hawk, Fire Bolt, Pegasus, Dominator, Phantom Eye, Phantom Ray and Scan Eagle. These shocking names prove what aggressors these dangerous people are in Government, who are supposed to be the peaceful stewards of our societies and bringers of a better world. These Drone names are something you might expect from the consciousness of gangs of thugs not the supposedly intelligent, peacekeepers of the world. Such names suggest the opposite of people of peace and good will, but rather of terrorists and tyrants of the highest degree.

The story becomes even more insane as we see the Drone operators sat comfortably, dressed in military uniform in front of a screen with levers and kill buttons, thousands of miles away from the places where they terrify and murder their victims. The operators may hover above and watch a house for weeks, where they believe suspects may be entering, sometimes watching little children and women also coming and going unaware that a killing machine is hovering above them with a judge and jury sat at a screen watching, many thousands of miles away deciding their fate, whether they will live or die. Apparently there are also paid informants, also on the ground who sometimes stick a tiny patch on a suspects house which the Drone operators zoom in on from thousands of feet away, then incinerate the property and its inhabitants at their discretion.

Surprisingly and interestingly the Drone operators are suffering post traumatic stress and depression after incinerating their fellow human beings, even though they are a cowardly 2,000 miles away, due to them having watched beautiful little children come and go for weeks with mothers and fathers before they press the button to murder them all along with the suspect who ‘just might be’ guilty, or ‘just might be’ inside.

As many millions of innocent Americans are now struggling to come to terms with these war crimes against humanity, they themselves are facing  the terrifying and daunting prospect of their own US government turning the Drones on them as they plan to unleash 30,000 Drones  into the skies above USA ‘The Land of the Free’, within the next decade, with the possibility of being murdered and incinerated without a trial, something that people would never believe possible in the great USA, ‘The Land of the Free’. Peoples freedoms are now becoming quickly eroded by a government who knows that the population that once trusted and revered them are fast becoming the enemy of the government they once trusted, as it becomes more and more glaringly obvious to the people that they are not free, but virtual slaves to a system of fear and suppression spearheaded by a small ruling cliché which is protected by its own police and military. That clique, the rule by gangs, of the most unscrupulous people on the planet, who are hell-bent on control of its citizens at any cost.People are awakening globally to the shocking fact that they never really were free, but had just been convinced that they were, and as more freedoms are eroded via more Drones, surveillance, gun control and austerity, that realization is gathering momentum as it spreads through each country with the inevitable uprisings and demands of more freedom.

What we are witnessing is a battle between freedom and suppression, as the ruling oligarchs panic to keep the uprising, awakening people down and asleep, and the suppressed awakening populations in a panic to struggle free before the noose of that suppression tightens any further. And so we watch as the epoch of slavery and suppression, and killing and war, mayhem and madness reach a climax, as the perpetrators and perpetrators of that epoch hold on, knuckles white to humanities straining leash.

Author Jason Liosatos is host of Global Peace Radio, and is also the author of the book The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings: The Solution to the World’s Problems.

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