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My Battle with Fibromyalgia and Potential Remedy with MMS

Ben Fellows
21st Century Wire
Guest Columnist
Sept 6, 2012

During the pre production meetings for The Ben Fellows Radio Show I began looking into alternative medicines. One of the alternative medicines I’d been recommended was what’s called MMS or Chlorine Dioxide.

Traditionally Chlorine Dioxide is used primarily for bleaching wood pulp, but is also used for the bleaching of flour and for the disinfection of municipal drinking water.

The Niagara Falls, New York water treatment plant first used Chlorine Dioxide for drinking water treatment in 1944 for phenol destruction. It was introduced as a drinking water disinfectant on a large-scale in 1956, when Brussels, Belgium, changed from Chlorine to Chlorine Dioxide. Its most common use in water treatment is as a pre-oxidant prior to chlorination of drinking water to destroy natural water impurities.  In other words Chlorine Dioxide kills all fungus, bacteria and virus pathogens. So how is Chlorine Dioxide an alternative medicine?

The modern day developer of MMS is a man called Jim Humble who was an aerospace research engineer who set up Atomic bomb tests,  worked on ICBM missiles and even the Lunar lander for the Apollo Missions.  Once the cold war ended Jim moved into his second career as a gold prospector and wrote several books on the subject improving techniques for gold recovery without damaging the environment.

It was during a period of gold mining whilst out in Guyana South America that a couple of his workers came down with Malaria. With no access to anti-malarial drugs Jim decided to use his water purification drops which were Chlorine Dioxide. Within four hours the men had recovered and before long Jim was treating other people for Malaria with the same effect. Jim admits that not every case was successful in those early days simply because he hadn’t experimented enough with the formula and dosage.

The Guyana Government soon got wind of what Jim was doing and forced him to stop helping people saying that they had come under pressure from American pharmaceutical companies who were threatening to stop delivering pharmaceuticals to Guyana’s hospitals if they allowed Jim to continue.   This began a life long battle with big pharmaceutical companies and governments around the world. Now to clarify as I hear some of you saying — “I’m not putting Chlorine into my body!” and rightly so. However, Chlorine Dioxide is not the same as chlorine. Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t create the carcinogenic chemicals in the body that chlorine creates. Let’s not forget that Sodium Chloride, good old fashioned table salt, is also made from Chlorine but no one is in a panic over table salt. Well, it’s the same with Chlorine Dioxide.

The theory as far as I understand it is that Chlorine Dioxide enters into the body and immediately starts killing off harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus’ because it is a really affective oxidiser. Oxygen kills all germs so that’s how Chlorine Dioxide works. In a nutshell viruses in your body prefer an acidic environment so if you eat lots of junk food or processed foods you create the perfect conditions for germs and therefore disease.

A healthy body is an alkaline body, and I’ve known this for years – however putting into practice, is extremely difficult.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after years of frustrating medical investigations from my doctors and consultants nobody can tell me why Fibromyalgia exists. I have my theories –  that it could be as a consequence of a vaccination, fluoride poisoning or it could be a virus. Anything is literally possible.

Fibromyalgia is an extremely painful condition which affects every muscle and joint in my body, that means the heart as well. Or rather the outer lining of my heart which when it inflames puts pressure on my heart and creates an abnormal rhythm which could lead to a heart attack. I know I’ve had two!

Sometimes the pain in my body is so great I can barely think, move or talk.  I’m not kidding I shaved my hair off years ago because my hair hurt. I kid you not. Then for at least three days to ten days every month I can get a flare up, all the symptoms all at once swollen joints agony and utter exhaustion. I spend most of my life deciding what I can physically give my attention to. If I say go out on Saturday night for a drink, then I have no energy for the next three or four days.

My entire life is filled with excruciating pain so much so that it has sent me into spirals of depression over my life and into the hands of big pharmaceutical companies who have dosed me up via my doctors and consultants with so many pain killers that at one point I was taking eight tablets three times a day. The drugs have hospitalised me on several occasions and all they do is pump you with even more drugs that don’t work. So as you can imagine I’m eager to get shot of this condition. When a friend of mine told me about MMS Chlorine Dioxide helping Fibromyalgia patients I was very sceptical.

Over the past couple of weeks I think I’ve read every article online for and against taking Chlorine Dioxide. Some, so called experts, say that it’s an industrial detergent and will kill you if you take it and others claim it to cure everything from the HIV/AIDS Virus to Swine Flu.

One of the ways that the NWO have taken over our lives is using organised medicine in exactly the same why as they’ve used organised media and religion.

John D. Rockefeller the American industrialist and philanthropist spent the last 40 years of his life in retirement. His fortune was mainly used to create the modern systematic approach of targeted philanthropy. He was able to do this through the creation of foundations that had a major effect on medicine, education, and scientific research. The Rockefeller Foundation was instrumental is moving America and the western world away from organic natural medicine to the organised pharmaceutical industry we have today.

They did this by offering colleges and universities silly amounts of money,  then once they’d given them money, which they were all so keen to take. Then a Rockefeller medical representative would sit on the board of directors and steer the education of the new doctors towards being told what to prescribe to patients by pharmaceutical companies who created a monopoly on medicine. It has been thus ever since. By the way, the word “Quack” was a term invented by the drug companies to expressly mean “competition”. So if a natural remedy could be found to be a cure for cancer the pharmaceutical companies would firstly ‘try and buy’ the knowledge in order to suppress it. If that didn’t work they would spend millions convincing the public that the natural remedy was some kind of poison or dangerous and that its inventor was nothing more than a “quack”. So as I was reading all about MMS on the internet I saw that the major pharmaceutical industry had labelled it a quack medication. My decision was made and a few minutes later I’d ordered MMS along with the citric acid activator from America for around $25.

A week later I received my MMS. I’d already downloaded Jim Humbles’ free PDF version of his book and so I knew what dosage to take. Basically I put three drops of MMS into a glass, three drops of citric acid activator and after waiting for 20 seconds add some juice and drink it. My first reaction was like that can’t work because it’s too diluted. However, Chlorine Dioxide is very powerful so you only need a small amount.

I am to take the MMS every hour for eight hours a day for three weeks. Just three weeks and I could be cured of Fibromyalgia the disease I’ve lived with for thirty-seven years.

I’ve been taking MMS for three days now as I sit and write this article and I’m experiencing some fatigue. But I’m used to chronic fatigue as one of the main problems with Fibromyalgia is that it prevents you from sleeping properly. Due to the body being in so much pain you never get a full and rested night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is used as torture so you take medication with all its nasty side effects just to sleep. Also, I’ve experienced  a little diarrhoea on the first day of taking it and mild nausea. Reading in Jim Humble’s book this is all normal and quite positive as Jim says that only unhealthy people get these symptoms because the MMS is working its way around the body boosting the immune system which is killing viruses, bacteria and fungi throughout.

Oh, after two days I’ve already stopped taking my medication for Fibromyalgia and I’m getting, for the first time in years, real restful sleep.

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