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Good Natured Violence Gets A Taste Of Reality In Copenhagen

Disenchanted anglo-European 'Climate Action' protestors up in arms this week.

Editor’s note: Mind you, although we aim to stay serious and focused on the issues at hand, here is a dry humourous(and good natured) commentary of the modern folly performance we have come to know as COP15.

Dan Majestic writes from Copenhagen: There is a sense of disbelief and anger hanging in the air in the giant Bella Centre where the UN climate conference has entered its second glorious week. The reason for the shock and dismay that reverberates here is the arrest of more than 1000 environmentalists on Sunday, whose only crime was to vent their anger, in a good natured way, against parked cars, shop windows and government buildings in the Danish capital.

These brave people flew into Copenhagen from all over the world to deliver their message loud and clear: we want our weather not to change at all. They didn’t expect any trouble from the Danish police, who were dressed in fancy sadomasochistic gear and assumed threatening positions, when asked by cameramen. The trouble flared after several thousand climate enthusiasts started to throw bricks, cobble stones and beer bottled, in a playful, slightly childish manner, at passers-by and buildings, setting light to parked cars, in good natured way. But, astonishingly, the Danish police did not see the bright side of it and put an end to all the harmless fun by arresting the climate activists and bussing them to a detention compound…
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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue