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Watch Marine Le Pen Slam CNN False Narrative on Crimea

21st Century Wire says…

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour seems quite rattled and reluctant to allow Marine Le Pen, the French presidential favorite, to speak her mind about the situation in Crimea… and CNN’s coverage of it.

Watch the video below and see how Amanpour tries to interrupt Le Pen at every turn to insert the narrative that Russia invaded and annexed Crimea in the Ukraine while Le Pen is trying to point out the fact that Crimea was not invaded by Russia and that Crimean citizens are overwhelmingly in agreement they are Russian.

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  • liveloveandlive

    Astonishing arrogance on CNN’s part! Why am I surprised? Ffs this shitty narrative is still believed by too many people….

  • Diana

    I never knew what an evil bitch Amanpour was. Marine for president!

  • Marko

    The real story :

    “How Ukraine Annexed Crimea. A Frank Conversation with Nikki Haley”


    ( Man , all the lying and anger are really doing a number on Amanpour’s looks. )

    • My War Too

      Ha! Nikki Haley an overnight expert on foreign affairs! LOL

      • Marko

        Haley is indeed a joke who has no business being in that position , but she’ll be hard-pressed to match the disastrous performance of the vile war harpy , Samantha Powers.