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Flight MH17 Conjures MH370, Exposing Western Deception, Leading To More Questions

MH17 UPDATES: 21st Century Wire MH17 Files

Shawn Helton
21stCentury Wire
There are many questions surrounding the ‘downed’ Malaysian airliner MH17, one must keep their eyes peeled, as the volatile landscape within Ukraine and the Middle East is front and center with regards to this latest high-flying tragedy…

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was apparently bound from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday evening and was said to have ‘disappeared’ from radar prior to crashing near the settlement of Grabovo, in Eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, with the deaths of all 298 members on the plane, after it was originally stated the count was 295. 

The human tragedy is incomprehensible, and a very sad ordeal for the victims families. The potential damage doesn’t end there, however, as Washington and its allies are working overtime to try and establish guilt in the court of public opinion. It’s the type of pretext event which could easily spiral geopolitical rivals further towards a military confrontation in the short term.

IMAGE: A section of MH17 fuselage on the ground is but one key identifiable piece found in perfect condition, no burn marks or impact damage – without a scratch. (Photo: Mashable)

Initial western media reports have suggested that the 777 Boeing was shot down by a SAM missile unit, leading Western governments and heavy-handed media outlets to hastily blame pro-Russian separatists for the incident without producing any real evidence. The sudden tragic end to MH17, has had a fiery backdrop provided by other regions of the world as well, as Israel has engaged in a ground invasion of Gaza, while Iraq has been wrought with manufactured terror for months, both of which are undoubtedly political factors contributing to the polarization of the MH17 incident. 

There seems to be a heavy bias within media reports concerning the ‘doomed’ flight, prompting Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, to lambaste the West for drawing such a quick conclusion, without any verifiable evidence, as told to RT news:

“They try to show to the whole world that we are responsible for the crash. It is very strange that without any evidence my colleagues from western media would like to find somebody who is responsible for the crash,” Antonov stated. “It seems to me that this is part of information warfare which has been started against the Russian Federation and armed forces.” He also added, “As for me, I don’t want to use this opportunity to blame anybody. I would just like to raise few questions for my colleagues from the armed forces of Ukraine,” Antonov said. “I hope they try to answer the questions, it will be a good opportunity for us to realize where we are, whether there is a possibility for us to restart cooperation and to find who is really responsible for the tragedy.”

It should also be mentioned that Putin condemned the apparent plane attack when it was first announced, calling for a ceasefire between what Washington refers to as ‘pro-Russian separatist’ rebels and Kiev’s Western-backed Ukrainian armed forces in the wake of MH17’s downing – the third such ceasefire proposal which Washington has worked hard to undermine, preferring to politically and financially fuel the Ukrainian civil war from the outside.

IMAGE: ‘Burning evidence’ – The MH17 crash site near Grabovo in Ukraine’s Donetsk region. MH17 was apparently downed on the anniversary of TWA flight 800. While officials have stated that Flight 800 was downed in the Atlantic Ocean because of a feul tank explosion in 1996, many critics have doubted those claims stating that the plane was shot down due to the forensic evidence compiled. (Photo channelnewsasia.com) 

Many will debate the cause of the MH17’s demise, as there are many anomalies surrounding this incident, as critics have already begun to question the crash itself, something of which we’ll look into a bit later, but before we do, one should examine those who are most likely to carry out such a dark event, via their access to air-defense equipment. 21WIRE’s own Andrew McKillop, weighed in on this very idea in his article entitled, “FLIGHT MH17 – KIEV FLASH MOB’S LAST FALSE FLAG?”:

While there is no certainty the pro­-Russian rebels hold advanced SAM air defence weapons, they are certainly in the hands of the Kiev flash mob government, alongside the advanced AAM weapons they also “inherited” from the elected government they overthrew. The onus of military proof is stacked against Kiev, leaving only the question of political motive or motives for the incident.”

Relevant Background History

Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 was shot down over the Black Sea in October of 2001 by the Ukrainian military in a flight traveling from Tel Aviv to Russia. It was first reported that Russian forces had been responsible for the areonuatical disaster, but the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) stated that the incident was caused by a surface-to-air missile strike by the Ukrainian military following a more lengthy investigation. US intelligence has claimed that Russia supplied the air-defense system but history tells a different tale.

There was said to be at least three cargo planes shot down this week by Ukrainian forces and according to Anton Lavrov, an independent aviation analyst and noted military expert, Ukraine has held many air-defense systems since Soviet times, outlining a trail of money leading back to the United States government, revealing its foreign policy blow-back: 

Ukraine has had many portable air-defense systems since Soviet times. They were even disposing of them with the help of U.S. money.”

Washington’s World War via Social Media

So what about reports suggesting Russia supplied the armaments used to allegedly shoot down MH17?

United States intelligence has been busy trying to ‘build’ a case against Russia in the aftermath of MH17 and have suggested that the SAM defense system allegedly used to shoot down MH17 was brought back to Russia.

Western media been been busy, heavily pressing on the unverified conversations released on YouTube allegedly depicting a ‘BUK’ SAM missile system for 5 seconds – with no verification of where or when the brief video clip originated, but that hasn’t stopped ever major US media and radio program from stating that this somehow constitutes a closed case. The other ‘evidence’ US media is holding up is an unconfirmed Tweet from ‘rebels’ boasting about shooting down a passenger airliner.

The distortion through various social media over MH17, seems reminiscent of Secretary of State John Kerry‘s ‘open source evidence’ in Syria, allegedly showing young victims of chemical warfare – later we learned these videos had been fabricated to justify Washington’s war ambitions with Syria

According to military analyst at the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, Ukrainian’s were the ones with ability to down the aircraft from weapons procured from Ukrainian bases after their change in government. The following quotes are from a recent interview that Khramchikhin had with The Moscow Times:

The only reason Russia would supply armaments to insurgents now is get rid of its own scrap metal,” continuing he added, “The proof that the Ukrainian authorities presented is laughable. It is aimed at a Ukrainian public that does not care about evidence.” 

MH17 has followed the unprecedented and highly controversial disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 back in March. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was said to have disappeared from the sky in the early hours of Saturday, March 8th, 2014, subsequently over at 35,000 feet heading in a flight bound for Beijing. The flight was carrying some 227 passengers and 12 crew members and had its flight path redirected, triggering many theories, as evidence suggested the flight had been deliberately taken off course and possibly landed. Many aeronautical experts agreed that the MH370’s apparent vanishing did indeed defy logic as it was ‘highly unusual’ if not outright unprecedented – at that altitude. 

During the wave of MH370 reports in March, I outlined the many systems in place used to track the whereabouts of a Boeing 777 at all times, making the false reports by satellites very questionable:

Rolls Royce and Malaysian Airlines are said to have a partnership that requires the engine to transmit live data to its global engine health monitoring center in Derby, UK every 30 minutes. Investigators are said to have used the ACARS information uploaded to the engine maker.” 

Additionally, we learned about the controversial on board device known as the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (Fly-By-Wire remote control) that has supposedly been equipped in all Boeing planes since 1995, according to Field McConnell, a retired 35 year Delta pilot, “This information was apparently not released until March of 2007, following a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell. The modification was reported to the FAA, NTSB and ALPA ( airline pilots association). According to McConnell’s documents, Boeing is said to have stated that by end of 2009 all Boeing planes would be fitted with the BUAP – making them impossible to manually hijack within the plane but susceptible to remote control by the military, according the flight veteran.”

MH17 Was Diverted For Explosion

So what could account for the lapse in radar systems just before MH17 crashed?

According to a YouTube report by POTRBLOG, there was evidence that military craft had been deployed in the area, which would reveal what could have provided the radar coverage, corroborating other accounts by Spanish air traffic control, that fighter jets were nearby the passenger plane before it was downed.

There are  other pressing questions that need to be answered, as it has been confirmed by Malaysia Airlines itself, that Kiev-based Ukrainian air controllers had requested that MH17 lower its altitude just before the plane’s demise. Add to this, the fact that this MH17 passenger jet was redirected so it would fly directly through a war-zone where a number of planes and helicopters had apparently been shot down over the last three weeks.

If indeed a SAM ground missile system was used in the downing of MH17, then it would have required assistance in the form of radar guidance – a capability not even remotely known to be in the hands of rebels in Eastern Ukraine, but was certainly in the possession of NATO-backed Defense Ministry in Kiev.

The report below details a substance used by military planes to obscure an aircraft from radar and radar guided missiles called ‘Chaff’…

Incredibly, this is the ‘evidence’ being touted by Washington and their friends in Kiev, that Russia is to blame for the downing of MH17, a 5 second YouTube video depicting with what appears to be a ‘BUK’ SAM defense system in transit on the back of a truck. Despite US corporate media reporters’ (like CNN’s Andersen Cooper yesterday) insistence that ‘a missile is missing’, there is zero evidence to even suggest that it was used, let alone, used in this explosion…

Overwhelming Evidence Points to a Staged Event

On many fronts the official narrative of this story is being challenged, as military involvement would more likely indicate Ukrainian forces or those in support of them, with their easy access to air-defense weapons and given the vitriolic cries condemning the Russian’s before all the evidence has properly reviewed, it creates a clearer picture that the West is backing this highly propagandized witch-hunt – further exposing their role in the destabilization of Ukraine and continued the frame-up of Russia.

Here’s the alleged raw footage of the downed MH17 airliner…

In conjunction with the geopolitical side of the MH17 event there was other odd evidence that seemed to defy logic. Below are a series of photographs depicting passports in perfectly mint condition, intact belongings found at, or near the crash site, and a flight radar screen shot showing that Flight MH17 was actually canceled…

IMAGE:  ‘Strange evidence’ – 60-year-old Dutch psychologist Jolette Nuesink’s passport was found at the crash site in near mint condition along with dozens of others also in pristine shape. There will be many more passenger stories and photos to hook the public on the official narrative of the incident but you should be looking at the forensic evidence and the geopolitical ramifications (Photo smh.com)

How was it possible for these passports to be in such great condition at the crash site following such a large explosion? 

IMAGE: ‘Planting passports?’ – Again here we see the gathering of passports near the MH17 crash site, notice they don’t have scratch on them. There were eyewitness reports seeing charred bodies falling from the sky, raising more questions about the items that avoided being burned up at the crash scene.
(Photo news.com)

IMAGE: ‘Without damage’ –  Suspiciously, there were dozens of passports reportedly found at or near the MH17 wreckage, a crime scene reminiscent of the flight 93 crash site on 9/11, another scene mired in distortion that somehow produced near perfect passports after an apparent downed airliner during the questionable events that day. (Photo news.com)

IMAGE: Faked?  ‘A staged production’ – luggage and belongings seemingly untouched after the allegedly downed airliner, complete with an ‘I Love Amsterdam’ T-shirt splayed out for maximum effect. (Photo thepositivevibe.com)


IMAGE: ‘Shedding light on the mystery of MH17’ – Here is an apparent screen shot from Flightradar24 that shockingly shows that the doomed Malaysian flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, MH17 was canceled. (Photo flightradar24.com)

Above is a direct link to Flightradar24 for those who doubt the authenticity of the photo. Was this a glitch, or is the information on the site accurate?  If nothing else, this is another bizarre finding in the case of MH17.

In a bizarre twist, early on in this story, AOL reported how a pro-Russia commander in eastern Ukraine, named Igor Girkin, has stated that he felt the bodies near the crash site appeared to be dead for days:

A significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” suggesting that the bodies may have been tampered with as they were said to have been drained of blood and reeked of decomposition. 

One can’t help but to connect the downed MH17 and the still as yet to be explained disappearance of MH370, comments like Girkin’s only add fuel to that fire. Only time will tell if the two flights are related in some way, or whether it was shot down or there was a bomb onboard but this highly theatrical event is seemingly meant to punish Russia, just as Syria’s government was similarly punished with false chemical weapons allegations last year.

Washington is now openly leveraging their own predetermined conclusions in order to push through yet more sanctions against Russia, as well as isolate Russia on the world diplomatic stage. A number geopolitical commentators have already pointed out that Washington and their NATO allies’ chief objective through this entire Ukrainian Civil War is not only to expand the EU and NATO eastward (as is both their public policy objectives), more urgently – to push Russia far enough back that another move can be made towards Syria by defense planners in Washington.

Keep a watchful eye as more details are sure to pour out of this incredible story…

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  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    This article should be shared -it’s the type of information that could stop WWIII.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Thanks Predrag, yes, 21WIRE would like very much to avoid WWIII.

  • That Malaysian passport with a wedge cut in its cover has been cancelled – i.e. expired and returned to the bearer who may have a current valid passport.

  • Rogoraeck

    Listen you schmucks. In 911 the black boxes were vaporized, but the passports are made of tougher material & floated down to the street, where they were found by the “respected” investigators.
    So the passports from Malaysian Airliner being intact is normal. Remember PASSPORTS are made of very tough material. Tougher than the 911 black boxes!

    BTW. What detergent is best to wash your brain?? ABC? CNN? FOX?

    • Nneal

      Where did you hear the 911 black boxes were vaporized? I heard they had been found and were in the hands of the FBI where nothing was mentioned of them again. It’s on YouTube.

      • Wiley Coyote

        Maybe no black boxes, because maybe no planes. * The “black boxes” probably existed as vapor to begin with. “9/11” probably consisted of two air launched cruise missiles (Pentagon and Shanksville), a lot of high explosives pre-planted in the WTC buildings, some phony, planted actors on the street claiming they had seen planes (in order to drown out the real eyewitnesses who didn’t see any planes, but only saw explosions coming from within the buildings), and some crappy, fake “amateur” video produced by small, independent video companies, showing fake planes slamming into buildings at 500 miles per hour, which is impossible at sea level (or even 700 feet, as the case may be. * There were some actual planes used, but they didn’t fly into any buildings. They took off from Boston Logan and Washington Dulles with some phony passenger actors, switched off their transponders, flew around the Northeast, confused the FAA, and landed safely in places like Cleveland Hopkins.

        • Nneal

          As for the Pentagon, Barbara Honegger’s “Behind the Smoke Curtain” (on YouTube) says it all for me. In my opinion it is the most logical explanation to date. The other towers were rigged demolition style from the inside utilizing military grade thermite and other explosives. I always thought the perpetrators wanted the buildings to come straight down to destroy evidence of how it was done in addition to other evidence they wanted eliminated (building 7).

          MH17 is a byproduct of nefarious spy agencies and mercenaries working together. Interestingly I wonder if flight MH370 is part of what happened not to mention an identical plane reported to be in a hanger in Israel.

          • Spychiatrist

            Also, check out http://www.thepentacon.com/, for some excellent work on exposing the fraud at the nations military HQ on 911.

            No plane hit the Pentagon, but there was a flyover by a C-130 and numerous other military craft.

      • Rogoraeck

        When the FBI was asked about the recovery of the 911 black boxes. They stated that they didn’t recover the black boxes because they vaporized in the fire inferno.

    • ddearborn


      9-11 saw 4 full size commercial airliners go down. And
      between the 4 of them there wasn’t much left larger than a bread box.
      Every other crash of commercial airliners have always had massive
      amounts of debris. In particular the Pentagon and PA flights appear to
      have defied the laws of physics. (just like the 3 towers). In PA they
      claimed because it “dove” into the ground there was no debris. Just what
      do you think this airliner did when it was hit as 35,000 feet? It went
      into a dive and drove into the ground.

      The point here is that the
      timing of this terrorist attack was perfectly coordinated to take media
      attention away from israel’s ongoing slaughter and genocide of women
      and children in Gaza. It is also important to note that the current
      “leader” like the previous dictator of the Ukraine is a dual citizen
      israeli. Means motive opportunity and who benefits. Putin in no way
      shape or form benefits from this. In fact just the opposite is the case.
      So the chances that he did it are about zero. On the other hand the
      current Ukrainian leadership has little to lose and lots to gain from
      this. This gives them the chance to frame Putin, garner international
      support, do the bidding of their masters in Israel etc. Clearly the
      Ukraine directly and indirectly benefits from this attack.

      • Rogoraeck

        As you say: In particular the Pentagon and PA flights appear to
        have defied the laws of physics.
        Maybe that was the kind of physics that the Nazis were mentioning.
        “Jewish Physics”??

    • liberman

      According to the reported evidence:
      MH-17 exploded and largely disintegrated high in the air
      and the only burning started after the main wings section landed.
      Thus payload landing intact should be very surprising.
      It is also possible that locals pulled some passports
      out of landed rucksacks and handbags.

      • Rogoraeck

        It is also possible that locals pulled some passports
        out of landed rucksacks and handbags.???
        According to our free & “respected” media in the west. The local went there on a drunken rampage & looting everything. Even maybe pulling gold teeth from the victims mouth?

        • liberman

          The Kiev “Regime” has confiscated the Traffic-Control conversation with the Pilots, while the rebels offer the black-box for the international committee they wish existed.

          • Rogoraeck

            When you write “international committee” do you mean “International Community”?? Or maybe the “World”???
            Both of those organization are very well “RESPECTED” by all of us. By us, I mean those that drink tap water of course!

          • liberman

            An International INVESTIGATION committee
            of Professional flight-crash experts,
            documenting all their work in Video.
            No belief, but rather Evidence and Proof.
            Which is required by the case and by the Russians.

  • Eudoxia

    I’m in Australia and while I don’t watch MSM for obvious reasons I turned on the TV and tuned into ABC. The Oz equivalent of BBC what a joke. Got the usual MSN hype, fanfare and bullshit then something interesting happened. I was watching some friends and relatives being interviewed oddly enough I caught 5 of them smiling. Something to be considered odd if they were grieving relatives but not odd if they were per say crisis actors.

    Christopher Bollyn put out an article back in March where he received information via Planespotters of an identical plane to the Malaysian flight that went missing, sitting in a hanger in Tel Aviv: http://www.bollyn.com/are-the-israelis-planning-another-9-11-using-the-missing-777/

    • Laura Green

      MH370 Revisited. Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation


      • Eudoxia

        Thanks Laura for that article, I’ve not been to Rense in a week or so. There is something not quite right about it though. I’m familiar with the investigative journalist and something is sitting not quite right with me for some reason. I’m quite sure he usually does not make grammatical errors and I’m not sure I’m buying that the Oz and the US governments didn’t know about this, I’m not exactly sure what specifically it is Laura, but something is just not sitting quite right here – will ponder this some more. But rest assured more things are coming to light about this all the time and thanks again for the link.

  • Actually the quote about ‘uninterruptable pilot in Boeings is complete BS. I remember when the 35 year pilot article broke. The 2009 quote by boeing is most likely correct. As for them being in boeings at an earlier date is a scam. The date given for them being in all boeings, was the date they started being installed in ACTIVE DUTY military aircraft, NOT COMMERCIAL, as it was top secret stuff at the time. Once you know you are dealing with a liar….

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      To say its complete BS, is a gross misrepresentation, as you yourself acknowledge the BUAP systems could in fact exist. The date could be in question as to when they started placing them in commercial airlines but I try to present as much information as I come across that could be relevant to a story like this.

      • They did exist in top secret military planes, not in commercial airliners. To say they were being installed in commercial boeings, when they were ONLY being placed in some military aircraft is false information. The date may be wrong? But, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. Have to break that 2001 barrier, even if it’s with ‘may be’ presented as fact. It’s called facts vs BS. Thanks for the response.

        • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

          Nope sorry, I never presented that as a fact, that’s why I associated it with McConell’s views.

          • Most assuredly presented as McConell’s 35 year expert pilot fact. “””according to Field McConnell, a retired 35 year Delta pilot,””” But, when you research the system in question, it is clearly shown the date he uses for boeing installation is the date the govt first started putting them in some military aircraft in a TOP SECRET PROGRAM, that if done in commercial activity requires a whole different set of logistics. Thanks for the response.

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            The date in question is McConell’s stated view. Do you have absolute proof of them not being installed in commercial airliners around that time?

  • Here is how it was possible for these passports to be in such great condition at the crash site following such a large explosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnDcjduWs_A 1:55

    Apparently NATO isn’t pulling any punches this year. They will have WW3, probably by August.

  • Calvin

    Then they need to make planes out of the “‘very tough materials” (seemingly indestructible, unburnable, god-send materials) that passports are mysteriously made of.

  • ambience

    > a 5 second YouTube video depicting with what appears to be a ‘BUK’ SAM defense system in transit on the back of a truck.

    In fact this video is taken in a place controlled by the ukrainian army, so it could not belong to the rebels. Someone recognized it by the advertising.
    russian. rt. com /article/ 41709

  • Harold Saive

    Government Story of Malaysia MH-17 Missile Attack In Tail-Spin

  • Harold Saive

    Photo allegedly taken at Amsterdam terminal on day of missile attack demonstrated as false report.

  • Salc

    You do know that Flightradar24 lists *every* flight that doesn’t reach its destination as canceled? This is applied to diverted flights or flights that has to make emergency landings as well. Goddamnit, check these basic things before creating such conspiracies. It’s quite disrespectful for both the victims and their close kin.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      I merely posed it as question worth asking.

      • Salc

        No, you did not. In the original version of the article you wrote a whole section about “maybe the plane didn’t even depart”. You removed that, but kept the large picture and the caption related to the text. It’s still both extremely disrespectful and disinformational. So no, you didn’t pose it as a question “merely worth asking”.

        • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

          First off, it was not a “whole” section as you’ve asserted, that’s a gross exaggeration and you know it.

          I made mention to the fact that some reports had suggested the plane may have not departed, this was not a personal view. When covering a news story in its early stages, you have to look at all the evidence that is available and try and present a larger picture full of many details some stick some don’t. I would never state something like that definitively without proof.

          I find it odd that you didn’t mention the passports in mint condition, as that would also add to this event having some kind of staged aspect to it, – that didn’t offend you. I wonder why? Was that not also ‘disrespectful’ as you put it?

          The real question is, why would it be disrespectful to pose or ask questions in regards to the victims or any aspect to a major event that could lead to another catastrophic outcome – unless you support that sort of thing.

          This is the same tired, troll-like response that permeated during 9/11, where critical analysis was crucified by those who were ignorant or complicit in its cover-up.

          • Salc

            Here we go… Well, like I said: disinformation. Have you even bothered to read quotes from minor media, like Vice or actual residents from VK? Doesn’t seem so. The very few sources you’re refering to(AOL, which is owned by Time Warner and is as much BS as CNN) is even cringeable since all of them are extremely biased. (Moscow Times is biased. Really really biased) And you’re calling me troll? Btw, why are you bringing up the passports? Doesn’t make sense. Yes, they may have been planted, but what does that matter? Human beings like you and me are still dead. The plane lifted. It’s pure disinformation by writing that it did not, and therefore disrespectful.

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

            Linking to a source doesn’t always imply endorsement, its proper form to link back or cite news outlets, if you are using them to point something out. Again, I never personally said the plane didn’t take off, you’re only here to distort this thread, keeping people from finding the truth about these kinds of events. By the way, VICE is totally biased ‘disinfo’ most of the time and its hardly minor. I don’t support any of the majors, that’s why I’m focused on independent media. The best way to honor those dead, is to give a proper investigation – leave no stone unturned. Not someone who shuts down avenues of thought like your definitely trying to do.

          • Salc

            Holy fuck, you’re stupid. Yes, since you clearly quoted biased info frome ONE side –not the other. (Again, pro-russian) Independent media? What? I asked have you actually any first hand info? I’ve got a lot, more than you and the mainstream media will ever get its hands on, much of this that confirms that this “article” is bs. Plus: you just revealed one of the victims full identity before passenger lists are published. (The family might not be informed yet) That is REALLY disgraceful, low and disrespectful. I thought you would realise that yourself…

          • disqus_0bRejDWmsL


            The link above is to the Sydney Morning Herald, they were one of the first to run the identity of Jolette Nuesink on July 18th:

            I had quotes from both Western media and Russia, Are you having a bit of trouble keeping things straight? Also, you can stop the phony ‘heart on your sleeve’ act. Anyone who has their eyes peeled can see through your nonsense.

          • Eudoxia

            I have found a certain trait with trolls like Salc. Having had a bit to do with narcissists both professionally and personally and having studied psychology they share a specific trait. Because they harbor a great deal of shame and low self worth – in order to make themselves feel better about themselves as they don’t have much going for them, they have to berate and tear others down. Typical character assassination is a strategy for them to obtain narcissistc supply so when you take the bait, get angry or even so much as defend yourself, they turn it around and project their behavior onto you. Your comment about heat on your sleeve act was well said, touche’ And you are right we see straight through the nonsense.

        • Laura Green

          MH370 Revisited . Malaysians Defy Zionist Disinformation

  • liberman

    1. The inauguration of the BRICS development bank
    immediately before the downing of MH-17
    seems have been a direct cause for a warning ‘shot over the bow’.
    2. All physical evidence points to an onboard bombing:

  • Julie Hall

    If MH370 and 17 are a continuation of 9/11 by the same hand then the reasons will be the same. Profit. Be mindful of the fact that in November 2013 Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement for a joint venture worth $billions and making 200,000 new jobs in a Space Research venture. Interestingly shortly after the ‘agents provocateur’ incited the Ukraine revolution (with a Youtube made by ‘the usual suspects’). Even more interestingly come April 2014 Sheldon Adelson pledges $ millions to Israel’s ‘space venture’ and Elon Musk gets into the act as well. Since the launch of Russia’s sputnik the control of space and control of energy prices (hence energy supplies) fierce and deadly competition has been ongoing. Just watch Syriana, The Real Stuff, 3 Days of the Condor, Casino Jack, The Gatekeepers, The Tillman Story and you’ll get the general idea. PS the link regarding the Russian and Ukraine partnership has been removed but luckily I have screen shots and the content preserved for the record.

  • Julie Hall

    My comment was deleted. And why is that. Space research venture too close to the truth?

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      We don’t censor people’s views here at 21WIRE. Perhaps there was an error when posting.

  • BenDaleTV .

    The link between MH17 and MH370
    My theory is as follows. The passengers on the original 777 were carrying vital data to china on a new clone technology. The Americans did not want them to arrive. So the plane was hijacked and all the passengers are being held somewhere secret. The plane was then reintroduced into the fleet unnoticed. This means the Malaysian government are well aware of what is going on.

    The second part involves the allies of China and Russia. The chinese not happy with what had happened with the disappearance of the original flight MH370, and having tracked on Radar what the USA had done, decide to expose the west and all its deception. With help from the Russians they plan to bring down the plane at the earliest point. And how convenient that it flys over Ukraine, so they can blame the accident on the Ukrainian Government in Kiev. The Russians and the West both know that the plane will be exposed as the original MH370. Both planes are one and the same. All the major players knew what happened to the original flight MH370. The west is just about to be dropped deep into it, when both the flight recorder info and the planes history is revealed!

  • Miguel Ângelo

    » First Plane – Boeing 777, Flight MH370:

    MH370 = 4 + 8 + 3 + 7 + 0 = 22 (Master Number) ou 4 + 8 + 370 = 382 = 3 + 8 + 2 = 13 (Karmic Debt Number)

    1x Boeing 777 = (7 x 3) ou (7 + 7 + 7) = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3

    07-03-2014 = 7 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 7 + 3 + 7 = 17 = 8

    Passengers: 239 = 2 + 3 + 9 = 14 (Karmic Debt Number)

    MH370 + 1X BOEING 777 + 07-03-2014 = 22 + 3 + 8 = 33 (Master Number)

    MH370 + 1X BOEING 777 + 07-03-2014 + Passengers = 33 + 14 = 47 = 4 + 7 = 11 (Master Number)

    7th of March is th 66.º day of the year!

    The day of the week of 7th March of 2014 is the 6th day of the week!

    » Second Plane Boeing 777, flight MH17:

    MH17 = 4 + 8 + 1 + 7 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2 ou 4 + 8 + 17 = 29 = 2 + 9 = 11 (Master Number)

    1x Boeing 777 = (7 x 3) ou (7 + 7 + 7) = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3

    17-07-2014 = 1 + 7 + 0 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 22 (Master Number)

    Passengers: 298 = 2 + 9 + 8 = 11 + 8 = 19 (Karmic Debt Number)

    MH17 + 1X BOEING 777 + 17-07-2014 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9

    MH17 + 1X BOEING 777 + 17-07-2014 + Passengers = 36 + 19 = 55 (Master Number)

    17th of July of 2014 is the 198.º day of the year with Gematria number of 1 + 9 + 8 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9 (Judgment Number), the week of the day 198 is the 29 week, 2 + 9 = 11 (Master Number), 11 and 9, the same of 9/11.

    » Conclusion:

    MH370 + MH17 = 22 (Master Number) + 11(Master Number) = 33(Master Number)= 6

    Boeing 777 + Boeing 777 = 3 + 3 = 6

    17-07-2014 – 07-03-2014 (time between datas) = 132 dias = 6

    Número de Passageiros = 239 + 298 = 537 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

    Resultado: 6666

    Properties of the number 6666 – Symbolism:

    Symbolize the legions of Satan, similarly to the number 666 which represents Satan himself.

    According to the occultists the troops of Satan include 6 legions of 66 cohorts of 666 companies to account for 6666 demons.

    According to the Gospel of Barnabe, chapter 21, the person possessed cured by Jesus (Lk 8,26) had in him 6666 demons.

    The king Solomon enclosed in a bottle, for a period of a day, Belial
    and its legions (522180 demons) and he arrived, another time, to make
    enter a ring 6666 demons that had dared to resist to him.

    Some see in 6666 the number of years since the fall of Adam where during this period the Earth ill be submitted to the perverse influence of Satan (of which it is told that its number is 666 according
    to the Revelation) after what he will be chained for a thousand years
    as predicted by Saint John. That will correspond at the same time to the
    entry in the seventh millennium where the Truth will prosper freely.

    According to Martinus Borrhaus, the number of angels amounts to 399920004: 9 orders of 6666 legions of 6666 angels (Job, ch. II, p.25).

    More info at: http://ourwisdomisfullofenigmas.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/mh370boeing777-mh17boeing777-boeing777mh370-mh17/

  • Miguel Ângelo

    The 1st Boeing 777 flight MH370, disappeared after losing contact via radar when he was being flown to Malaysia after having diverted its normal route. At the moment that the plane lost contact was close to Bali and Lombok, then towards northeast towards Laos, was very close to Laos, site of one of the most secret bases Aeras Central American intelligence agency (CIA). The base is called Long Tieng or Long Cheng, located precisely in the center of Laos!

    I appreciate you sharing the following information with the authorities of all countries, contact friends, media, social networks, so that soon the family and the people who are close to these mysterious accidents can have access to this information which I think is extremely important and needs to be clarified! Should urgently trigger mechanisms to investigate the Bali Island and Lombok area in Indonesia, as well as the most secret base of the central U.S. intelligence agency (CIA), Long Tieng, or Long Cheng, located precisely in the center of Laos! There are strong suspicions of the first plane that disappeared be on that base as well as some people may still be alive but sequestered in these places!

    “Rituals of Black Magic in Bali & Lombok with the passengers of
    those planes, perpetrated by illuminati elements of Britain, Germany and
    United States, to attack Mother Russia, with central command in

    More info at: http://ourwisdomisfullofenigmas.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/mh370boeing777-mh17boeing777-boeing777mh370-mh17/

  • sss

    Why the purple troller as no tag on the holders, open zips and also the hanger is out? The troller doesnt look like getting a big hit and nowhere in the plane had the hanger out?

  • Pavel Darski