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False Flag: Was the Kenyan Terror Siege an ‘Inside Job’?

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

In the aftermath of 9/11 and the London 7/7 bombings it was later revealed that security agencies such as the CIA, FBI and MI5 had prior knowledge of coordinated attacks. As 21WIRE has pointed out, the latest attack in Nairobi, Kenya, has many of the tell-tale signs of a classic false flag operation, with its problem, reaction, solution narrative coming to light…

According to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, security organs and intelligence officers had prior knowledge of a future attack within Nairobi, which included the Westgate Shopping Mall.

Sonko claims to have assisted two women three months ago, stating that they were looking to offer information to police about the Al-Shabaab militia that was seeking to target specific areas in the region.

Other targets were named by Sonko from his conversation with the two mystery women:

They mentioned Westgate Mall, Village Market, Parliament and the Kenyatta International Conference Centre as their targets.”

In addition to Sonko’s claims about prior knowledge of a terror plot, there has been some very troubling information surrounding the official narrative, as new information has emerged exposing a potential deep cover operation.

1-Frank-LowyThe Westfield Group, and its Israeli owner Frank Lowy (Photo left) apparently owned the Westgate Mall that had been under siege for several days. Lowy, as it turns out, had another business operation go up in flames over a decade ago, with fellow businessman Larry Silverstein of Silverstein Properties. That’s right, Silverstein and Lowy were supposedly compensated to the tune of 7.1 billion after an insurance payout following the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

The Kenyan siege has many other anomalies, including that of the Special Air Serviceman who reportedly saved a hundred lives when the attack subsequently broke out. In addition to the SAS man, it was reported that several agents had been on the scene, American, British as well as Israeli, by mainstream accounts, which prompted Israeli defense officials to deny any involvement in the assault.

‘Twin Terror’

During the 1998 double embassy attacks it was later revealed that they too were a product of manufactured terror, as were the clandestine attacks within Mumbai in 2008 and the mass shooting at dual locations in Norway in 2011, not to mention the events surrounding the Boston bombing in 2013.

IMAGE: US Embassy in Kenya bombing in 1998.

Usually these kinds of attacks involve some sort of GLADIO – strategy of tension, as the West has been found to put pressure on nation-states by orchestrating terror events to guide a certain outcome geopolitically.

Australian news outlet Adelaidenow reported on other information suggesting this latest incident in Kenya was indeed orchestrated, including Al-Shabab terrorist’s accusing the Kenyan government of demolishing the Westgate Mall:

Al-Shabab, whose name means “The Youth” in Arabic, has said the mall attack was in retribution for Kenyan forces’ push into Somalia.

The group claimed that the Kenyan government assault team carried out “a demolition’’ of the building, burying 137 hostages in rubble.

A government spokesman denied the claim and said Kenyan forces were clearing all rooms, firing as they moved and encountering no one.”

Given the facts surrounding the Westgate Mall attack, if true, along with some outlets reporting crisis actors on location, one can only surmise this latest terror scene is just another false flag operation…

More from Jambonewspot below

Kenyan security organs knew of attack in advance, claims Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko


IMAGE: Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko sensationally told the Senate that security organs and intelligence officers were aware of an impending attack on key areas in Nairobi, including the Westgate Mall.

Sonko claimed that he had helped two women of either Asian or Arabic origin to offer information to police on Al-Shabaab militiamen who were targeting sections of Nairobi. He gave the revelations as the Senate took time off its business to discuss the terror attack on the mall.

He said the women had approached him three months ago with information to the effect that the gang, which had rented a house in Parklands and Westlands, were planning a major attack.

“They mentioned Westgate Mall, Village Market, Parliament and the Kenyatta International Conference Centre as their targets,” claimed Sonko.

The Motion was moved by Leader of Majority Kithure Kindiki, who termed the attack a national disaster.

Attacking members of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), Sonko told the House that after getting the information from the two women, he assisted them to record their statements with the police and the intelligence officers for further investigation.

He said the two women were initially living with the gang in the rented houses but had escaped after being showed the items that the suspects were preparing for the attack.

Though the Senator declined to give the exact details that the two women gave the police, he said that he was ready to record a statement to that effect.

“I know I will shock many people here. These people have remained in this area planning the attack for about three months and despite the investigators getting that information they could not quell the attack,” said Sonko.

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21st Century Wire Kenya Mall Massacre Files

  • Dave Freeman

    Baljit the “White Widow” will be the new Osama Bin Laden.

  • nofearorfavor

    Investigators could not quell the attack or is it because they had not bothered to investigated it? Who cares if innocent people die? Who cares??? Most definitely not the global kingpins behind all the false flags. People are expendable, small children, babies & even unborn little ones, as happened here. Has any of the MSM even mentioned the tragic deaths of microbiologist Elif Yavuz & her partner Australian architect Ross Langdon? Elif Yavuz, employed by the Clinton Foundation was going to give birth to her first baby within two weeks. No way, no news about anyone who died there, no names, no nothing and only alternative news provided the full report. Le Classique False Flag yet again. SICK!

  • nofearorfavor

    There is a Supreme Being & He is LOVE personified & the creatures who orchestrated and perpetrated this depraved and evil act, will pay. By God, they will pay with thousands of rebirths straight from hell for what they’ve done and are doing to mankind all over the globe.

    • Peter Fleming

      I have no quarrel with your faith, though you would be wise to start sentences such as this with ‘I believe in ‘ as opposed to ‘there is’. It prevents outspoken atheists from condemning your words, for if there is anything we should aim for, it’s to quell the aimless bickering between theists and non-theists.

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        Thanks for your response. However, I have no quarrel with you or anyone else either. Just like me, everyone else can state what they like and if they don’t see things like I do or I don’t necessarily see things like they do, that’s okay. It’s called life. Should atheists condemn my words, they have the right do so and it would not disturb me as they are entitled to state things as they see it and I just don’t respond.

        • Peter Fleming

          I concur, freedom of speech does grant the individual the right to say what he or she wants. However, the existence of a supreme being cannot be proven nor dis-proven, this makes your statement a logical fallacy. So, if we cannot guarantee that an ethereal being will cast the evildoers of the world into a figurative under realm, we should not rely on this and approach the issue on the pretence that only humankind can solve humankind’s problems.

          • nofearorfavor

            How you see the existence of, or not, of the Supreme Being or judge my statement to be a logical fallacy, is your prerogative. With respect, may we then agree to disagree? You sound like a deep thinker and I enjoyed our interaction. Enjoy your life’s journey and go well Peter Fleming.

          • Peter Fleming

            My friend, that is the best response I could have hoped for. Thank you, go well and keep sharing.

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    This nonsense has Isra-hell, the Mossad and Clinton-era cronies all over it. The frauds are exposed here–


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      GREAT LINK! Thanks!