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SWEIDA: Heartbreaking Video Testimony of ISIS Attack Survivor

Martyrs from just one village in Sweida following the ISIS massacre in July. (Photo: Ibrahim Muhammad)

21st Century Wire says…

On the 25th July 2018 over 140 civilians were massacred by ISIS suicide bomb attacks in Sweida in southern Syria. Over 170 were injured and dozens of women and children were kidnapped and are currently being held for ransom. The following description of events is taken from the Facebook Page of Ibrahim Muhammad

“In this bloody day we had to suffer the lost of 240 martyrs with over 170 wounded .. moons have ascended from the land of Sweida to the sky, another pure souls from our beautiful country, another innocent lives were taken brutally on the hands of the most odious monsters in the world. ISIS terrorists were hidden in the western desert of the Al Tanf area (under the noses of the U.S military base), have launched a massive attack with more than 600 terrorists at 3:50 am.

In the map : Orange is the area that was attacked, Blue is the area that under the protection of the US military base.

The attack was carried out on several villages in the eastern countryside of Sweida province in conjunction with four suicide bombers who exploded themselves in a building under construction, a vegetable market and two public squares. The Popular Armed Committees manged to stop the 5th bomber and capture him to be hanged later that afternoon in front of the National Hospital (where he was going to bomb himself) with two ISIS attackers who were also captured alive.

The attackers divided themselves into several groups of 30 to 50 operatives armed with machine guns and explosive belts, as well as other groups equipped with snipers and mortars, deployed on the outskirts of some villages, they manged to sneak into the villages through the desert mountain area with the help of some sleeping cells.

Door by door, house by house they slaughtered and executed complete families, and kidnapped some others, they attacked unarmed civilians, committed one of the most brutal massacre since the beginning of the Syrian war – the villages were ( “Duma”, “Tema”, “Tarba”, “Al-Ksiab”, “Rami”, “Ghiddat Hamayel”, “Al-Shabky” and “Al-Shrehi”). 

The attackers were faced with hard resistance by the residents and some deployed points of the Syrian Arab Army. Most of the first defenders were martyred and wounded till the arrival of the reinforcements from Swaida villages, Jaramana, and SAA units  Many of ISIS attackers were killed, numbers are estimated to be approximately 300. More than 80 of them were dragged to the National Hospital of Swaida while the terrorists managed take the rest of their dead with them.

There’s no exact information till now of how many people were kidnapped.

This day is a living proof of the US collusion with those criminals, this day a living proof of the criminality of the all the terrorism supporters, but it is also the strongest proof of our dedication to defending our homeland.”

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The following video is an interview with Hanen – a brave girl from Sweida, Syria – who escaped the torture of ISIS by hiding in a water tank. ISIS slaughtered her family.

“I wish I had been killed or stayed with my family. However this is God’s will and I have to go on with my life”. 



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