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SYRIA: The New Transformation, the Resistance will Ensure Victory Against Terrorism and its Backers

Dr Shaaban

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad.

“The transformation unfolding today is deep and real, and we have to be patient and persistent, and we have to honor all the sacrifices made by building a better future, which is undoubtedly within our grasp.”

According to American allegations, the al-Shayrat air base was attacked because the Syrian fighter jet was loaded with chemical agents in that air base and went on to bombard Khan Sheikhoun. However, following the brutal American bombing of the air base, we did not witness any dispersal of toxic chemicals in and around the air base; so where is this alleged stockpile of chemicals being kept at al-Shayrat air base?

How did it suddenly disappear without a trace after the American criminal missile attack?

We ask these questions despite the fact that we know the answers, and despite the fact that we know that the alleged chemical attack on Khan Sheikhou was fabricated by Syria’s enemies, who have been targeting this country for six years, thinking they could change the balance of power on the ground.

This comes after the great victories that the Syrian Army and its allies had achieved against the terrorists in Damascus and Hama, in which ISIS and al-Nusra suffered huge losses. In these battles, the al-Shayrat air base was attacked relentlessly by ISIS and al-Nusra, but the heroes of the Syrian Army repelled them time and again, inflcting huge losses. So, these terrorist groups had no alternative but to call on the United States to help them target this air base. The false accusations made against the Syrian Government will also undermine what has been achieved in Astana and Geneva, and have proven without a doubt the moral bankruptcy of the other side.

Nonetheless, and despite the pain, this American aggression against our sacred homeland is not without benefits, because it proves beyond any doubt that the conspirators, which the West calls “opposition,” who supported this aggression against their homeland, should from now always be labeled traitors, because they committed an act of grand treason against their country by calling for the continuation of the American aggression. On the other hand, there were many voices in the West that took an honorable stance against these fabrications, including officials, members of parliament, and journalists.

The corporate media was not able this time to take over the whole narrative in the West. However, our Arab media should pay attention to alternative media outlets in the West, which have proven their credibility, and they are spreading ever wider and gaining more trust at the expense of corporate media. The contradictions within the American administration were also interesting to note, and it is obvious that President Trump is struggling to figure out his policy, and it is also obvious that he is unable to live up to his campaign promise of no intervening in the affairs of other countries, as he has now used military power to attack a sovereign nation which is a member of the United Nations under false pretenses.

The transformation unfolding today, indicated in part by the aggression against Syria, is that the United States is no longer a Great Power in the world, but a country that contradicts itself, and the treacherous Arabs and Turks who supported its aggression will soon discover that they have built their hopes on a mirage, and it won’t save them from the terrible fate that awaits them.

The transformation unfolding today is that Russia is a main pole of the international system, with different ways and means to conduct its affairs, because it’s an international power that respects other countries and peoples, as well as international legitimacy, and it refuses aggression and stands firmly against it, as was the case with the recent aggression against Syria.

The transformation unfolding today is that China, Brazil, India, Bolivia, and other countries, do not accept aggression and aggressors, and it is only a matter of time before these countries form an international alliance with Russia that would expose the weakness and hypocrisy of the Western alliance.

The transformation unfolding today is that the steadfastness of Syria and its allies for six long years has become a focal point for a new international balance of power. And after these tough years, there will come a time when the allies of resistance will emerge victorious against terrorism and its backers.

The transformation unfolding today is deep and real, and we have to be patient and persistent, and we have to honor all the sacrifices made by building a better future, which is undoubtedly within our grasp.


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