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SYRIA: Coastal Town of Jableh once more Targeted by Terrorist Car Bombings

Jableh: explosive filled car, remotely detonated today near the Municipal stadium. (Photo: Lattakia Syria Civil Defence)

21st Century Wire says…

Reports have been coming in of a remotely detonated, terrorist, car bombing, in Jableh city centre near the Municipal Stadium, in Lattakia coastal province on Thursday. This is not the first time that Jableh has been devastated by suicide bomb attacks. The previous attacks in May 2016 massacred over 100 civilians in Tartous and Jableh.

As with the previous attacks, the corporate media, led by the BBC, once again attempt to dehumanize the civilians living in these coastal areas, by depicting them as universally pro Syrian Government.  They ignore the fact, that, many civilians from neighbouring provinces, including Aleppo, have taken refuge in the coastal towns of Jableh, Lattakia and Tartous. This is not, as the BBC have described, an attack on President Bashar Al Assad’s minority Alawite sect.  It is an attack against humanity and against all the Syrian people, carried out by terrorist groups, iconized as “rebels” by the corporate media, and funded & armed by the US coalition working to topple the Syrian government.

“A car bomb attack has killed at least 11 civilians in a Syrian government-held coastal town, state media report. Last May, 45 people died in attacks in the town claimed by so-called Islamic State (IS) that targeted President Bashar Assad’s minority Alawite sect.” ~ BBC Report

None of the terrorist groups have yet taken responsibility.

This from Afraa Dagher, a local resident and journalist, writing for Syria News:

“Among the martyrs is Ja’afar Zaid Saleh, a son of a brave officer who had a great role in liberating Aleppo.  Other Syrians murdered today because the US and allies want to destroy our government:

  • Lamis Ma’lla Ma’ll
  • Boushra Mahmoud Mhammed
  • Yazan Rafik Ajameih
  • Mohammed Yousef Kharfah
  • Yazan Rafik Kheir Beik
  • Rana Solaiman Ala’ker
  • Mohammad Ghiath Mohammad
  • Dr. Akthaim Haifa, Professor of Medicine College at Tishreen University, bombed by moderate terrorists 10 November 2015.  He was a very famous physician, beloved in Lattakia.  His brother was this writer’s mathematics professor.

Two bodies at the Jableh National Hospital have not yet been identified.”

This report from SANA, Syrian Arab News Agency:

“A terrorist car bomb attack took place near the Municipal Stadium in Jableh city in Lattakia province on Thursday, causing human casualties.

SANA reporter said the bombing took place on the outskirts of al-Amara neighborhood that is crowded with people and cars, confirming that a number of civilians were killed and others were injured due to the bombing, in addition to the huge material damage caused to shops and properties at the site.

Deputy Director of Lattakia Health Department, Majdoline Moussa told SANA reporter that the bodies of 11 people who were killed in the terrorist attack arrived at Jableh National Hospital.

She added that 35 injured people were also admitted in the hospital.

On May 23rd, a series of terrorist bombings targeted the coastal cities of Tartous and Jableh. Those in Jableh hit the bus station, the Electricity Directorate and the National Hospital, leaving many citizens dead and many others seriously wounded.”


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