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ALEPPO UPDATES: REAL Syrians Saving Real Syrians

The momentum has shifted in Aleppo this week as the Syrian Army begin to advance, steadily driving out Western and Gulf-backed terrorist fighters under the command of terrorist militants from Al Nusra Front – from their occupied enclaves in Eastern Aleppo. 21WIRE will post continuous ALEPPO UPDATES as we receive information…

Syrian Arab Red Crescent treating civilians who have finally been able to escape NATO state proxy terrorism and mercenary militant occupation, starvation and abuse. (Photo: Facebook)

These are not images of “dusty boys” like the exploitative images of Omran Daqneesh. They are not recycled images of children being cynically deployed to promote a war that will kill more Syrian children.  These are not fake images, emanating from the NATO & Gulf state multi million dollar-funded, fake first responders, the White Helmets,  carrying out implausible “search and rescue” procedures or filming themselves running aimlessly around the scene of another fake bombing.

This is not another French Foreign Office media production in East Aleppo, generated by the Aleppo Media Centre.

These are REAL Syrians helping REAL Syrians.

As more and more civilians are able to free themselves from their four year long incarceration by Nusra Front-led militant and mercenary brigades who occupied East Aleppo from 2012 onwards, the corporate media tower of Babel is collapsing under the weight of truth. The testimony of these Syrian civilians will, in time, disable the firewall of deceit that was erected by the NATO-aligned media to prevent their viewers, listeners and readers from seeing the reality unravelling on the ground in Aleppo and across Syria.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent treating a civilian, recently escaped from East Aleppo. (Photo: Facebook)

The following is a translation of the words of French humanitarian volunteer, Pierre Le Corf, who has been working on the East/West borders of Aleppo. Borders created in 2012, by the armed insurgents operating under various names, led by Nusra Front.

“Time passes. The cold comes and the rockets continue to fall..there are so many places in Aleppo, where people have been killed, that I ask myself, sometimes, where did these souls go? Do they stay where they fell, are they wandering somewhere.  From one street to another, the images of their faces or their bodies replay in my head. Those who know this bench shared my sense of anger and impotence. I hope that, despite the numerous lies being disseminated by the world’s media, people are little by little starting to comprehend”

IMAGE: The bench that Le Corf refers to was the scene of yet another mortar attack from the Nusra Front-led “moderates” in July 2016.

Two days ago, I was sat on this same bench, in this park. Yesterday an entire family, including two children were sat on this bench…before a rocket hit them, fired by Nusra Front (Al Qaeda). A bench, a street, a balcony, a garden..whatever you do, wherever you go, they will take every opportunity to kill you. Ever day. Every day, without exception.”  ~ Pierre Le Corf

Facebook removed the image that Le Corf posted, of the family, one minute sat on the bench, the next, eviscerated by the Nusra Front mortar attack. Facebook removed this image but the obviously staged images, produced on a daily basis, by the NATO/Gulf state-funded White Helmets, circulate without censorship.  This dehumanization of the 1.5 million Syrian people in West Aleppo who have been collectively punished by NATO and Gulf state proxies embedded in East Aleppo for the last four years, must be exposed as a crime against humanity.

Thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and their allies, huge swathes of East Aleppo have been liberated. These Syrians will no longer be invisible, their voices will be heard and their stories will be told:

Video showing the recent escapees from East Aleppo arriving in the Syrian government allocated refugee centres where they receive food, medical treatment and psychologica assessment.  (Video: @Maytham956)

Earlier in 2016 Pierre Le Corf initiated a project to give the traumatised children & civilians of West Aleppo some respite from the daily horror of sniping, mortar attacks, Grad missiles and explosive bullets.

“You may be surprised to see a movie theater when so many media only show the death and the destruction here and on the other side. Only one cinema in the center, around mortar impacts, exploded sidewalks and shops whose shutters were torn by gas cylinders converted into mortars … but the owner strives to keep it open as before the war. Unfortunately with the sanctions everything is very expensive and few have access now, it’s continuously empty.

With my amazing volunteers (by security, I don’t tag them directly) we were able to launch an event in a protected room with volunteers from many associations to urge them to work together and participate in first aid / film program. The population of West Aleppo has endured almost 4 years of Al Nusra siege, not to mentioin the tens of thousands of rockets, mortars, gas cylinders and the deaths of their friends and relatives. 

Life is strong in Aleppo. Even though people have lost everything, they are capable of resisting and reinventing their lives every day. Despite this, these young people have lost something inside. The power to dream. It is priceless to bring them that again. This is a big financial commitment but it enables young people of all ages and families not only an access to cinema, it’s about opening a window on the world, letting them see that life is not limited to the war, identify themselves with their heroes, regain confidence and breathe for few hours.”

Cinema tickets provided for the war-traumatised children of East and West Aleppo, reunited after four years of separation, enforced by the militant brigades occupying East Aleppo, led by Nusra Front. (Photo: Pierre Le Corf)

With the influx of children from East Aleppo into West Aleppo, the healing process can begin. Four years of horrific deprivation and trauma for these children and their families will not be easy to overcome but the unity of the Syrian people, the generosity of spirit that has enabled them to withstand all manner of brutal terrorism, will carry them through this final chapter of the dirty war on Aleppo.

“The ticket given to the children here for the cinema program. The only solution to all the questions that have arisen and still arise in my life, in the life of children here, especially here where the life escapes from your fingers, the only solution that answers to everything: Love. Love to love, love to do, love to dream, love to learn, love to try, love to start again, love not to be perfect, love of others, love of what lives, love to breathe, love to exist, little love, love to live, simply to live … to close your eyes and accept that life is hard for the chance to live it.

If we think a little less and love a little more, instinctively, this world would be more beautiful and the search for happiness would not exist, happiness would be lived step by step, second by second. The fear that kids have here, everyone in fact … is the fear of never being happy with how they are taught, a job, a future, … the goal is to help them to dream, to teach them to be happy in everyday life with what they have, whatever the situation is, to learn in the present instead of focusing on the future. I just want to cry at the end of the films when I see them so happy and full of hope, it’s simple but priceless”

Listen to Pierre Le Corf on Sunday Wire: Real Superheroes

Aleppo before the US Coalition dirty war on Syria began.



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