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‘Believers in Their Countries, Land, and Identity will Emerge Victorious’ ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban


Dr Bouthaina Shaaban ~ Political and Media Advisor to President Bashar al Assad

In the latest elections from the UN Human Rights Council, Russia lost its seat, while Saudi Arabia remained as a member! Does this mean that Saudi Arabia has become a country that respects human rights? Or does it mean that we now live in a world devoid of all values and morals, in which many parties have removed their masks completely?

This helps the young generation see the truth with their own eyes, without having any delusions on which they might build wrong false assumptions. In a move that follows the same line, the Tunisian religious affairs minister was fired from his position after labeling Wahhabism  as the source of terrorism and extremism.

Does dismissing this minister mean that Wahhabism is not related to terrorism, or is it simply an apology to the political representatives of Wahhabism? Will this move change the reality of Wahhabism and how it misinterprets Islam and the Quran, which call for mercy and clemency and not extremism and murder? Do those who make such moves that contradict facts and reality think they can hide the truth?

However, such moves and the reactions that anticipate what is coming by intimidating and punishing people. But the course of history has proven that hard facts that entrench in peoples’ consciousness are the ones that survive on the long-term, and not the attempts to spark fear.

Therefore, it is very important that in this phase we focus on the strategic and long-term issues, and we should refrain from drowning in the details of a phase that is full of intimidation, exaggerations, and all other forms of psychological warfare that are meant to dissuade those who walk down the path of victory from carrying on their march.

This is the last desperate attempt to prevent an evident, inevitable victory.

From this perspective in particular we must understand the statements of the Zionist entity’s prime minister that the Palestinian issue is no longer a concern, especially now that they are normalizing relations with Arab countries, which consider this entity a key partner in the fight against terrorism and Iran.

The goal of such statement is to label all Arabs as having abandoned the Palestinian cause, and consequently, every now and then, they leak news of a visit by a Gulf State official to the Zionist entity, or a meeting between a Gulf official and another from the entity. But they do not understand that Arab Nationalists who believe in the Arab Nation and in Palestine are no longer concerned with such news, because these collaborators are a minority amongst millions of Arabs who believe in the liberation of Palestine and the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, above all the right of return.

The Algerian people suffered for 130 years under French occupation, which is as obnoxious and brutal as the Israeli occupation, and they did not give up. Today we live the anniversary of the start of the Algerian revolution, which vowed to liberate Algeria and sacrificed a million martyrs to do so. And today Algeria stands at the forefront of countries that believe in Arab Nationalism and defend Arab rights.

The centenary of the infamous Balfour Declaration and the Sykes Picot agreement, which were crimes against Arabs and Arabism, prove without a doubt that the targeting of our countries is not new, and it is being renewed today.

France, the US and the UK gave away Palestine to those who do not deserve it; and today, Turkey has unleashed hell in the Arab world, destroying our countries and civilization. After six years of the steadfastness of Syria and its friends and allies, and after the horrors of Iraq and Libya, most Arabs woke up to the new Western colonial scheme that aims, alongside the Neo-Ottoman Empire, to destroy Arabs and Arabism.

If a band of Arab defeatists have joined this scheme that does not weaken the resolve of those who believe in Arab identity and the inevitability of its victory.

On the contrary, the political and strategic vision was never as clear as it is today, because all the masks have fallen and it has become apparent that Arabism, Arab rights, and Arab lands are being targeted, and that the only way towards a better future runs through steadfastness and resistance.

Those who believe in their countries, land, and identity will emerge victorious and all others will soon be forgotten.


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue