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Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes in favor of Obama’s Syrian strike

21st Century Wire says…

In a 10-7 vote the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved military action in Syria, despite an overwhelmingly unpopular view of another war, the Committee was found to be in favor of Obama’s strike plan…

Senators John McCain and Democrat Chris Coons were able to amend some of Obama’s original plan, leaving the door open for a larger conflict, as one amendment stipulated a “change in momentum on the battlefield” reversing Assad’s gains against FSA and the Al-Nusra Front, terror-rebel opposition groups with close ties to Al-Qaeda, who have been receiving support from the US, Saudi Arabia and Qatar over the course of the two and half-year conflict in Syria.

In addition to the battlefield amendment McCain added that the Syrian strike plan also include the ability to upgrade weaponry for the terror-rebel opposition, with the language written as such:

“Upgrading the lethal and non-lethal military capabilities of vetted elements of Syrian opposition forces, including the Free Syrian Army.”

One can’t help but notice the mention of  a ‘vetting process’ for rebel opposition groups, is this because the US government has finally acknowledged that the public is aware of the fact that terror linked rebels have been acting at the behest of Western interests all along and the government wants the ability to shift blame later?

The latest amendments to Obama’s strike plan would give the US military broader capability, opening up the possibility of ground troops, as it is unlikely that Assad will stand down to a government who has funded and armed terror-rebel groups, deliberately to overthrow his government, for their own nefarious agenda.

The West and its dark partners in the Middle East have been fostering a long destabilization in Syria and are foolishly expecting Assad to surrender his nation to murder for hire rebels, rebels which have admitted to using chemical weapons, much to the chagrin of the neo-liberal media, a media that has conveniently neglected that side of the story.

The US has yet to provide any credible evidence linking Assad to the August 21st chemical attacks as it moves one step closer to a full-scale war.

John Kerry wants you to forget about the troubling details surrounding Syria, as he aids Obama’s globalist war, a war that will always be based on fabrication and lies:

I don’t want to make this debate about what’s happening in terms of regime change and the larger issues.

Only time will tell how the Senate and Congressional vote will go, perhaps Senator Rand Paul will take another stand through filibuster, serving to intensify public scrutiny and derail this death march before it’s too late.

Here is RT’s take on the Senate committee vote…

IMAGE: Skull & Bones Kerry lying his way to war.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves plan to strike Syria

Russia Today

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Wednesday to approve President Barack Obama’s plan to strike Syria in retaliation for the reported use of chemical weapons by leader Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

A committee vote on Wednesday afternoon ended with the advancement of a bill compelling the US military responds to Assad’s regime, and will next go to the full Senate for debate.

The committee voted 10-to-7 in favor of using military force, with one lawmakers voting only “present.”

Should Congress move to approve the president’s request, the US could soon initiate a limited strike on Syria that is meant to reprimand Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons on August 21 outside the city of Damascus. The Obama administration says more than 1,400 people, including hundreds of women and children, were killed in that assault.

Wednesday’s vote came only one day after the committee grilled Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey about the administration’s plans for Syria.

The president and leading members of his cabinet have made repeated pleas in recent days for Congress to approve action against Assad that would be limited in scope and meant to reprimand the Syrian leader and degrade his ability to further use chemical weapons.

Following a swell in criticism, Obama said over the weekend that he would ask Congress to approve a strike instead of pursuing other routes to authorize a strike. According to the president, Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons constituted a dissolution of international norms that warranted a response from the US.

Obama and Kerry have both vocalized the administration’s intent to prohibit any America boots from touching Syrian soil. Critics of the plan, however, have opposed any endeavor in which the US intervenes in an external conflict that they say doesn’t involve domestic concerns.

Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), initially a by-and-large supporter of the president’s plan in Syria, announced earlier this week that he had reservations about a resolution which would limit US involvement overseas to fewer than 90 days. On Wednesday, however, he threw his weight behind the committee’s updated plan upon conclusion of an amendment he authored calling for any US action in Syria to “reverse” Assad’s momentum on the battlefield. On his part, though, Sec. Kerry has insisted that the Obama administration—while indeed interested in removing Assad from office—has not inkling to become involved in the Syrian civil war.

I don’t want to make this debate about what’s happening in terms of regime change and the larger issues,” Kerry said during a debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Read more at RT

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