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Lost Obama footage reveals push towards ‘Common Ground’ collectivist ideology

21st Century Wire says…

Every once and awhile you manage to unearth some very telling footage from the dusty archives of YouTube… 

Here we see a young Barack Obama from 1995, with his sights set on a “Common Ground”, collectivist future:

“We collectively can decide on our fate, that things like technological change, things like mass media, things like the market are all subject to our control.”

Obama carries on, further alluding to something akin to communism when he remarks:

“It does have to be a broad ‘us’. It has to Democracy with a small ‘d’…”

It’s easy to see how Obama came to be chosen by the banking elite, the video below displays his penchant for collective consolidation, replicating the financial outlook on Wall Street. Watch Marc Strassman acquiesce during the interview and not really question the young community organizer about the future vision he sees for America.

Blind to the birth of tyranny…

“The entire history of America is towards concentration of power and oppression.”

-Barrack Obama (Strassman interview August of 1995)



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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue