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NAME: Arnaud Develay
PID: 21W333Z
PRESS PASS VALID UNTIL: September 30, 2024
TITLE: Writer, Political and Legal Correspondent (Freelance)
DESK: International – Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa
MEDIA: Print, Radio, TV

Arnaud Develay is a field reporter for 21st Century Wire International, and has trained as an attorney specializing in humanitarian and international criminal law. A member of both the Paris and Washington state bar, he started his career under former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s mentorship before moving to represent Ilitch Ramirez Sanchez aka ‘Carlos’, senior representatives of the Yellow Vest Movement, and Moldova’s former Vice-Prime Minister, Iurie Rosca. See Arnaud’s 21WIRE archive here.

For more information contact: editor[at]21stcenturywire.com


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