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This fund supports 21WIRE’s investigative news coverage, research and studio time for our SUNDAY WIRE radio show. You helped us make 2016 one of the best years ever for 21st Century Wire and independent media. Thank you! Now, our work continues in 2017…

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Thank you for getting 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen on location in the Middle East in 2016. Now we’re hoping to cover a multiple country investigation in 2017 from the front lines. In December, 21WIRE correspondent Vanessa Beeley traveled to Aleppo to gather witness testimonies from survivors and liberated residents. The results are stunning and still being collated. See some of those reports here. We want to continue investigating and filming these important stories, plus provide you with live updates on the ground – including LIVE radio broadcasts from the region. This is an ambitious project – and we need your help to make this happen (hit the PayPal button below).

UPDATE: One of our 21WIRE charter members has pledged to match any $1,000 donation with a reciprocal donation of $1,000 (that would put us over the top of our goal). Whether that comes through or not, let’s see – but we definitely appreciate the offer. Thank you!

Go to the donate button below and support this project which will be funded by 21WIRE readers and listeners

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Each month, an average of half of a million readers visit 21st Century Wire and tune into the SUNDAY WIRE SHOW for relentless and bold analysis and reporting on the news that affects all of our daily lives… and we deliver it free of political, government and corporate influence.

We want to increase reporting and analysis – and that’s where you come in. We rely on our readers’ support to help grow our investigative news coverage across the globe. To our loyal readers — please consider it, we’re just getting started. To our newest readers, we say welcome — donate when you are ready, but until then you can simply dig in and read our articles, and subscribe, share and engage with our growing community of loyal readers.

1-Bitcoin-News-$1000-highThere are two ways to donate: we offer both PAYPAL and BITCOIN options to donate:

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