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About 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation
. We are an independent media voice for geopolitical news and analysis, working with an array of contributors aggregating news and opinion from around the world.

Our site was officially launched in December 2009 at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, initially as a vehicle to expose the collectivist mythology behind global warming and climate change, and has since expanded coverage to include exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, the war on terror, technology and Wall Street. Besides demonstrating freedom speech and thought, one of the main intentions of 21st Century Wire is to empower readers by giving them the tools to decode mainstream propaganda. Inspired by sites like RINF, UK Column, Red Ice Creations, and OpEd News, we try to offer a historical perspective on contemporary issues and where possible, provide strategic reference links throughout our content -- allowing you the reader to delve deeper into the issues -- if you so choose

The 21st Century is the beginning of a new information epoch and you, the reader, are the freshman class of free and critical thinkers in terms of news analysis and consumption. In its totality, there is an immense volume of information to be had on the Internet but we truly believe that in this new decentralised, grassroots and egalitarian World Wide Web, the cream will eventually rise to the top - but this can only be achieved by keeping this internet 'neutral' and free from excessive government and corporate control. 

In spite of the Internet revolution, the corporate mainstream media (MSM) still clings to a predictable and monolithic format which is one of the reasons why the alternative media is winning large portions of their audience every day. We know the free Internet is all about choice and interaction, and not about being force-fed a narrow band of information from a few major networks.  It’s not about being a passive couch surfer, it’s about you -- going out and digging to find the blog or video you are looking for. That’s why you are here now -- and not reading news off of CNN.com, FOXNEWS.com or the TIMES ONLINE. Try explaining that one to a room full of TV execs…


Aside from the independent media remit, our #1 intention here is to get you thinking, and hopefully inspire you to take on an active role yourself, perhaps by creating your own website or information portal. This may be by using free blog software, creating your own podcast,  Youtube channel, or just by utilising social networks like Facebook or Twitter.


The editorial policy of 21st Century Wire is simple and resides above partisan politics, political campaigns and the traditional Left vs Right paradigm which we believe only serves to divide people who have more in common than not. Rather than aligning our slate with any particular party or ideology, we will attempt to deliver content that addresses specific issues and trends, but looks squarely at power, its architecture, as well as exposing the seeds of institutional corruption. We will also try to stay within that which can be proven, or at least corroborated by credible sources. So our remit is to identify, inform, explore, enlighten, and report on solutions where possible. It’s a tall order for sure, but we promise to do our very best...


  • Patrick Henningsen - News Analyst, Writer and Founding Member
  • Shawn Helton - Associate Editor
  • Jason Smith - Associate Editor
  • Stuart J. Hooper - Special Contributor
  • Andrew McKillop - Special Contributor
  • James Hall - Guest Columnist
  • Basil Valentine - Guest Columnist
  • Robert Singer - Guest Columnist
  • SARTRE - Guest Columnist
  • Nicholas Myra - Guest Columnist
  • Peter Sterry - Guest Columnist
  • J. Robinson - Webmaster

21st Century Wire is published by 21Wire Media