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VIDEO: ‘Stop Watching Us’ Shows How Governments Spy on You and Destroy Your Privacy

21WIRE + RT | Americans angry with Obama’s Bush-like stance on illegal NSA wiretapping.

PHOTOS: ‘Stop Watching Us’ Rally Against the NSA Hits Washington DC Today

Patrick Henningsen | A diverse coalition of demonstrators have come out to protest against America’s rogue NSA.

NSA Tapping Phones of 35 Different World Leaders Already Reaping International Backlash

21WIRE + Guardian | Like fruit cakes after Christmas, Ed Snowden’s NSA treasure trove is the gift that just keeps giving.

NSA Destroying Privacy: VPN CryptoSeal opts to close down rather than grant NSA access

RT | “With immediate effect as of this notice, CryptoSeal Privacy, our consumer VPN service, is terminated.”

Sacré bleu! French Outrage Over NSA Phone Tapping, John Kerry Confused and Upset

21st Century Wire | As they counted the coming cruise missile profits together, everything couldn’t have been more perfect, until the NSA peered in.

Your address book belongs to the NSA

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | NSA are stealing your e-mail contact lists too. Here’s how they do it…

Carnegie Mellon University Create Messaging App That NSA Snoops Cannot Hack

21WIRE + CBS Local | CMU’s new SafeSlinger is free on the iTunes store, and Google play store for Android phones.

Big Brother Partially Shut Down: Over Six Thousand NSA Workers Furloughed

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | The real picture about “furloughed” Federal staff is slowly emerging this week.

BREAKING: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was ‘denied travel’ over US airspace

21Wire + RT | Nicolas Maduro was denied travel over Puerto Rico’s airspace.

Edward Snowden in secret hide away in Russia

Metro News | Edward Snowden has been in Russia since the beginning of August, still looking over his shoulder.

Greenwald’s partner detained by UK border security under Schedule 7 of Terrorism Act

21WIRE + RT London | Partner Miranda was detained, questioned and had all of his electronic possessions confiscated

Encrypted email service Lavabit forced to shutdown amidst US surveillance creep

21WIRE + RT | Is it any wonder why public trust in government agencies is at an all-time low?

NSA replacing 1000 humans, transferring jobs to ‘the cloud’

21 WIRE + WP | Do you trust the NSA with this new technology?

Snowden’s encrypted email service Lavabit voluntarily throws itself under the bus

21WIRE + RT | When it comes to cloak and digital dagger with Snowden, we don’t know jack…

Obama Blows out Putin over Snowden Affair

21WIRE + RT | The Junior Senator from Illinois just bottled it, again.

Mountain of Docs: Journalist Glenn Greenwald sitting on 20,000 Snowden leaked documents

21WIRE + RT | Amazing amount of documents, but we’re still left wondering who really works for who?

NSA to Hackers: ‘Please come and work for us’

21WIRE + WP | NSA trying to recruit White Hat hackers to do their Black Hat work.

More Snowden leaks: New details on the NSA’s mass global surveillance program

21WIRE + IT News | We learn more about the NSA’s international partners in crime…

Snowden Asylum Could Trigger US Sanctions Against Russia

21WIRE + AP | As usual, Lindsey Graham is leading the charge to send America over the cliff of morality and logic.

President Obama Puts Out a Contract on The Fourth Amendment

Norman Solomon | “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”