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1984 vs 2014: ‘George Orwell was an optimist’

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | They know they are surveilling innocent people, so what are we going to do about it?

BTW – Edward Snowden Did Not Work For The NSA

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | This, and other little-known facts about the US government spying on its citizens debacle.

NSA spying on members of Congress and Senate

21WIRE + RT | More post-Snowden revelations provide proof that the NSA is completely out of control.

PR Super-Spin: Obama Supposed to Deliver ‘Historic’ NSA Speech

21WIRE | Announcement: Obama breaks from golf course to give NSA speech.

New Report: NSA metadata has ‘NO impact’ on preventing terror

21Wire + WP | The NSA has had little to ‘no impact’ on preventing terrorism.

HEY! They Took Away My Planet and Gave Me Revolution

Andrew McKillop | An epic rant. Beware, be afraid of the ‘System Tyrant’.

Trove of disclosures about Israel ‘to come’ from Snowden

21WIRE + RT | Will Snowden or Greenwald actually reveal anything about 9/11?

Another Corrupt, Unconstitutional US Judge Rules in Favor of the NSA

21WIRE + WP | Judge William H. Pauley III (photo, left), ‘ruled’ that the domestic collection program is legal.

Quantum Spying: The NSA looks to ‘put an end’ to all forms of encryption

21Wire + RT | The NSA has been building a quantum based code-breaking super computer, an idea that was launched under Bush’s “total information awareness” program.

Snowden’s Xmas TV Message: ‘You’re tracked everywhere you go’

Ed Snowden | “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all”.

Video: How to Check Which Gov’t Agency is Spying on Your Smartphone

21WIRE + Susan Duclos | A must watch for everyone, and let us know what results you find…

NSA, GCHQ deploy agents into World of Warcraft, Second Life to spy and recruit gamers

RT | Real-life agents have been deployed into the Xbox, World of Warcraft multiplayer and the virtual world of Second Life,

NSA abuses accurately predicted in 1967 Hollywood film ‘The President’s Analyst’

Brasscheck TV | This film flopped flopped commercially when it came out, but now it’s achieved a cult status.

The Magic Security Cult and Its Bungled Trip to Paradise

Andrew McKillop | The range of farcical events and “scandals”, with or without the body parts on the sidewalk, shows we need another explanation to this desperation.

Crystal Clear: Washington’s War on Whistleblowing is Un-American

21WIRE + Who What Why | Crime is an industry in Washington, and profits are generated from practices and policies that are clearly wrong.

Retail Facial Recognition Technology Will Track Customers at UK Petrol Stations

21WIRE + RT | Anything to “improve the customer experience”, but can they keep the government from using it to track us?

THE FIX IS IN: US Supreme Court Blocks Legal Challenges to NSA Phone Tracking

21WIRE + RT | This a very dangerous precedent for the United States of America, with no more check and balances.

State Control of Media in UK? ‘Big Freeze’ Has Hit British Press

21WIRE + RT | Is this a step backwards for a modern society?

Ed Snowden Ready to Testify in Angela Merkel Phone Hacking Inquiry

21WIRE + Independent | The US and the UK believe the have a right to phone hack everyone, and do so in secret.