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Anatomy of a Murder: How NATO Assassinated Qaddafi Family Members

Cynthia McKinney | How many times must a parent bury a child?

Libyan Rebels Prepare to Export Oil as Qaddafi Gains Ground

Bloomberg | Libyan rebels have “raised concerns” about the lack of funds, and are keen to get their hands on oil money.

Libyan “Rebel Council” Forms Oil Company to Replace Qaddafi’s

Bloomberg Financial | Money talks. Libyan rebels in Benghazi said they have created a new national oil company.

WOW: That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established New Central Bank Of Libya

The Economic Collapse | What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night.

THE ARAB SPRING: Behind the Scense of a 21st Century Revolution

Tony Cartalucci | It’s Color Revolution 2.0 – run directly out of US State Department, with the support of corporate America.


Patrick Henningsen | NATO are self-organising in Afghanistan just like the mafia do at home.