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How Democracy Got Shredded, and Re-Shredded

Andrew McKillop | Never in modern history has the establishment’s credibility been so shot, and never have they looked so bad trying to convince us it’s all good.

The Establishment: Plagued with Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Useful Idiots

SARTRE | The oligarchic elite, including Democrats and Republicans in all branches of government are a special breed of psychopath.

The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Begins

F. William Engdahl | The economic cooperation between Ukraine and Moscow was something Washington was determined to sabotage at all costs.

COVERT WAR: US Congress ‘Quietly’ Approves More Arms to ‘Rebels’ in Syria

21WIRE + RT | Congress privately voted to funnel arms, anti-tank rockets, as well as financial backing to rebels fighting in Syria.

‘Al Shawarma’: Muslim Brotherhood offices relocate above kebab shop in London

21st Century Wire | The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mothership has landed in the most unlikely of places.

Al Qaeda’s expense report, Penny Lane terror threats and other global ‘designs’

Shawn Helton | Al Qaeda is inexorably tied to the CIA as well as British intelligence agencies.

RT Interview with Patrick Henningsen: ‘Ukraine is being blackmailed into EU’

21WIRE + RT | John McCain continues to be a national embarassment to Americans. Now he’s threatening the Ukraine.

Glenn Beck Throws ‘Maverick’ John McCain Under the Bus Over Obamacare Comments

21WIRE + The Blaze | It’s great to see that Beck has finally recognized what we have been saying for a while now…

Faces of Death: Syria terrorist opposition Tweet smiling photos of dead ‘martyrs’ for fundraising, recruitment

21WIRE + WP | Halloween came and went last Thursday, but Syria’s Islamic militant opposition fighters have been promoting their new ‘Faces of Death’ genre

McCain Chewed Out By Phoenix Resident Supporting for Al Qaeda in Syria

21st Century Wire | If the US system truly delivered justice, he would be in prison serving out his sentence.

At Least 22 Defense Industry Stakeholders Used as ‘Pundits’ by US Media to Sell Syria War

21WIRE + RT | Remember this next time they flood your brain with a parade of “experts”.

How Do You Say ‘McCain’ in Hebrew? It’s “Netanyahu”…

Andrew McKillop | Netanyahu still pledges to annihilate Iran. Do we need to take him seriously?

It Gets Worse: John McCain Hires Fake PhD Syria ‘Expert’ Elizabeth O’Bagy

21WIRE + RT | Elizabeth O’Bagy ticks all the boxes needed for a high level intelligence operative, or even a US-Israeli double agent.

US Sen. Lindsey Graham seeking authorization for attack on Iran

21WIRE + WE | Another dark soul is pushing for more blood in the Middle East.

Jihadi Blitzkrieg in Syria: Islamist militants are wiping out the moderate rebels

21WIRE + RT | The myth of the moderate armed opposition in Syria is now falling to piece.

New Study Confirms: ‘Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Carrying Rebel Fight in Syria’

21WIRE + RT | On top of this, the majority of armed “rebel” fighters in Syria are not from Syria at all.

US and Russia reach initial agreement Syrian chemical weapons, but rebels reject it

21WIRE + WP | John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov shake hands following meetings regarding Syria in Geneva.

Obama Exports Fast and Furious: CIA Already Delivering Weapons to ‘Rebels’ in Syria

21WIRE + WP | Whether it’s in Syria, Africa or Arizona, trafficking arms to non-state militias and terrorist groups should not be allowed to happen.

John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

21st Century Wire | It seems that America, and the world, has had enough of the off-color antics of John McCain.

Wide Awake: Designer Democracy Rejected by Global Awakening Over Syria

21st Century Wire | Globalism and democracy have reached an “event horizon” by being sucked into its own black hole of political deception.

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