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VIDEO: The Dallas Shooting Agenda

Daily Shooter | “We need to assemble a list of ‘risky people’ – and take away their guns.”


Jay Dyer | A host of dubious details and contradictory claims that echo past provocateurs and staged events that spark dialectical manipulation.

MEDIA MOCKERY: Man Who Died in Three ‘Terror Tragedies’ Still Alive

Shawn Helton | ‘Alfonso’ has been reported dead in three separate terror related events by major media and social media.

Expect more ‘terror busts’ as FBI steps up its use of “ISIS stings”

21WIRE | The covert culture of Washington does more to promote genuine terror than anyone else.

False Flag Florida: FBI Agents ‘Posing As Terrorists’ in Miami Sting Operation

21WIRE | The FBI is walking a very fine line that crosses into the unacceptable.

FBI Director James Comey: ‘Trust, but protect’ (and cover your laptop webcam with tape)

21WIRE + RT International | This is latest pokes fun at the complete hypocrisy and fraud that is the Orwellian spy state.

New Evidence Shows Foul Play, Cover-up by FBI and OSP in Shooting of LaVoy Finicum – DOJ Opens New Investigation

21WIRE | Agents appear to have lied about what happened on Jan. 26th.

BATTLE OVER PRIVACY: Why the FBI’s Case Against Apple is Falling Apart

Shawn Helton | The ongoing encryption saga between Apple and the FBI heats up.

SHOUT POLL: Should Apple Give FBI Backdoor Access to iPhones?

21WIRE Shout | HAVE YOUR SHOUT: Apple challenges FBI court order to unlock private data of users. Vote, comment and share…

Trial By YouTube: Mainstream Media Use Second-hand Oregon Account to Cast Blame on Dead Rancher

Patrick Henningsen | Even in Oregon, truth is the first casualty in war.

FLUKE OR INFORMANT? NY Man Drove Around With Weapons Cache, Fake Fed ID, But Deemed ‘Not An Immediate Threat’

DAILY SHOOTER | Instead of coming up with an improbable theory to explain the unexplanable, we first look at the obvious scenario.

SPECTRE: Revelation of Multinational, Global Surveillance Octopus and Criminal Cartel

Jay Dyer | 007’s rabbit hole leads to a global cartel known as SPECTRE, an octopus whose tentacles surround us all today.

WESTERN DECEPTION: FBI’s Moldova Sting Story Comes After Russia Destroyed ISIS Targets in Syria

Shawn Helton | Was this a classic political frame-up? The FBI have done it before.

Josh Goldberg: Jewish-American ‘ISIS’, Hoaxer, or Online Intelligence Asset?

21WIRE + Sydney Morning Herald | Why he’s much more than a ‘bedroom hoaxer’.

9/11 Fourteen Years Later

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | The 9/11 Commission did not conduct an investigation. It was not permitted to investigate.

9/11 Revisited: Declassified FBI Files Reveal New Details About ‘The Five Israelis’

Greg Fernandez Jr | New declassified FBI material sheds new light on this chilling chapter in the 21st century’s most icon event.

Hillary Clinton Now Under Criminal Investigation by FBI and Department of Justice

McClatchy Newspapers | Clinton and her right-hand woman Huma Abedin are now under investigation.

U.S. Intel Officer: “Most terrorists are FALSE FLAG terrorists!”

Stuart J. Hooper | A bombshell statement from a former intelligence official takes aim at false flag terrorism.

Garland Shooter Elton Simpson ‘Handled’ By Paid FBI Informant

Daily Shooter | Court papers reveal that ‘gunman’ suspect was under FBI surveillance and had his own federal handler too.

In Defense of Dzhokhar: The Real Smoking Gun in Boston

Kurt Haskell and Patrick Henningsen | Explosive proof presented of how the Boston Bombing trial was a complete whitewash.