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The First-Ever Drone Strike from British Soil?

RT | The UK will launch future missions from their own country.

Nano-drones: Harvard’s Bee-sized Drones Revealed

RT | The scientists have just released the video of the first controlled flight of such a robotic bee.

Drone Killing: Murder Without Trial for Victims and Perpetrators

Jason Liosatos | A study of the mind set of the people using and producing these killing machines.

9 Amazing Military Technologies of the Future

Kiplinger | Nine military technologies being developed through the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

How To Avoid Drones for dummies : Al Qaeda Tips On Evading Unmanned Aircraft Found In Mali

Huff Post | al Qaeda release their How-To Guide in avoiding all things drone-related.

Britain Has Lost Almost 450 Drones in Iraq & Afghanistan

Press TV | It would be really nice if the government told the public the total cost of these losses.

G.I. Drone: Medals Awarded to ‘Honor’ Drone Operators on Cyber Ops

21WIRE + WP | It’s official: Washington has fallen off the moral cliff.

America’s Terminator Culture: Drone Wrath for a Compliant Society

BATR | DARPA’S dream of an automated military future is fast turning into a present-day nightmare…

Glimmer of Hope: Washington Residents Force Seattle To Scrap Police Drones

Patrick Henningsen | Seattle was hoping to roll-out a ‘junior Skynet’ program that even Arnold could be proud of.

‘DON’T DRONE ME BRO!’ Protesters Disrupt Brennan CIA Nomination Hearings

21WIRE | Protester rail against John Brennan and Diane Feinstein: “You are traitors to democracy.’

Drone Spin: Killing machine PR swarms US mainstream

21WIRE + RT | U.S. lawmakers have been demanding the files for years, but President Obama had staunchly refused.

Liberal America in a State of Moral Denial: ‘What if it were Bush’s drone policy?’

USA TODAY | Under Bush Jr, and then under Obama there it’s a post-moral policy – absolutely anything goes after 9/11.

BAE Systems Supersonic New Stealth British Drone – With a License To KILL

21WIRE | An unmanned plane capable of supersonic flight will undergo flight tests next month.

New NYC-based Hi-Tech Clothing Line ‘Makes You Invisible to Drones’

RT | New York artist is launches clothing line that will keep you invisible from drones.

One World Synet? UN Wants Drones Over Congo to ‘Keep The Peace’

AFRICOM Files | UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, is pushing for the deployment of drones in Africa.

British Court Blocks Lawsuit Over US Drone Killings in Pakistan

Antiwar.com | GCHQ’s faulty intelligence was to blame for the attack which killed another innocent victim in Pakistan.

SKYNET IS HERE: Computers that will taste, smell and hear (and think) in 5 years, says IBM

21WIRE + WP | SKYNET wasn’t just science fiction, as we will soon find out with Artificial Intelligence.

What the World Needs: Pentagon Plans Big Expansion of Espionage ‘Operations Overseas’

Greg Miller | Through its drone program, the CIA now accounts for a majority of lethal U.S. operations outside the Afghan war zone.

The ‘Keshe Factor’ – A Weirder Twist On A War With Iran..?

21WIRE | Keshe, the ‘Tesla of Physics’, has been offering his technology free to any Government or scientist willing to listen.

Location, Location, Location! DOD Seeks ‘Small Footprint’ in Africa to Bolster AFRICOM

21WIRE | AFRICOM, U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command and U.S. Transportation Command – all have a new base of operations in Djibouti.