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The spread of the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease around the world has impacted numerous countries, societies, and economies, as well as shut-down major cultural and sporting events. Learn more about the epidemic and its fall-out here...


UKC News: What’s Really Behind COVID-19 Lockdowns?

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

Why Sweden Has Already Won the Debate on COVID ‘Lockdown’ Policy

Patrick Henningsen | Sweden’s results have been as good or better than the lockdown countries – without having to endure the socio-economic chaos we are now witnessing across the world.

Epidemiologist Dr Knut Wittkowski: ‘Lockdown Has No Benefit, Only Negative Effects’

21WIRE | The jury is already in: from a public health and respiratory virus mitigation perspective – lockdowns were useless. 

Hitchens COVID Warning: ‘Freedoms Taken Away May Not Be Restored’

Hidden Agenda | Outspoken British journalist warns of a permanent authoritarian state under the pretext of the coronavirus crisis.

Exercise Cygnus: UK Gov’t Response Was Modified Before COVID-19 Event

Robin Kayser | How the UK government radically altered its emergency response plans prior to the COVID crisis.

Elon Musk: US Lockdown Measures Are ‘Fascist’ – Calls to Restore Constitutional Rights

21WIRE | Renowned billionaire and technologist speaks out against socio-economic the shutdown of America.

Saving Lives Inc: The Bill and Melinda Gates Con-sortium

Malcolm Massey | How is it that one unaccountable private actor wield such a huge degree of influence over the personal lives of billions and issue policy to democratic governments?

UKC News: Boris is Back – Wants More Lockdown, as Does Sturgeon in Scotland

UK Column | Co-hosts Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, with guest David Scott for this week’s key Coronavirus updates.

The Massive Inflatable Crisis That is COVID-19

Tony Cartalucci | Here we are again: the very same interests who lied before, now doing it all again, but on a much larger and more destructive scale which no one will escape completely.

77 Brigade: Is British Military Waging an Information War on Its Own Population?

Mike Robinson | UK government has now deployed the Military information warfare unit in order to try and steer the domestic conversation regarding lockdown and COVID-19.

Gold, Goats & Guns talks with Patrick Henningsen on COVID, Lockdown and Civilization

Gold, Goats & Guns | The civilizational effects of the COVID-19 ‘lock down’ policy and why it has gone on far too long.

Victor Davis Hanson: On Corona, California, and the Classical World

Uncommon Knowledge | A fascinating perspective on the crisis from one of America’s unique social and political commentators.

Hitchens: ‘In many people’s eyes, the UK’s Lockdown is already over’

Talk Radio | Concerns are even more real now about long term economic damage done as a result of lockdown policy.

COVID SCIENCE: A Challenge to the Discovery of the Virus

21WIRE + Jon Rappoport | Is the entire coronavirus narrative a house of cards?

SUNDAY SCREENING: Diplomatic Viruses (2018)

SUNDAY SCREENING | A closer look at the Pentagon’s chain of biolaboratories in 25 countries across the world.

Episode #324 – ‘Lockdown Folly: Part Deux’ with special guests

SUNDAY WIRE | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

CORONAVIRUS: Perspectives from on the ground in Sweden

21WIRE | Why are the western media so determined to see Sweden fail?

UKC News: Are ‘Lockdown’ Policies Increasing Casualties Numbers?

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates and discussion.

‘Similar to Flu’ – Dr. Ioannidis explains why COVID-19 isn’t as deadly as previously thought

Dr John Ioannidis | According to new findings, infection fatality rates for COVID-19 are much lower than previously assumed.

California: New Study Shows Higher COVID-19 Cases, With Much Lower Death Rate

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya | As the real data comes in, experts are asking whether California’s ‘Shelter-in Place’ aka lockdown orders, really justified?