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The spread of the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease around the world has triggered reactionary government policies which have seriously impacted numerous countries, societies, and economies, as well as shutting down most religious, cultural and sporting events. Learn more about this epidemic and see a number of serious challenges to the official narrative here...


UKC News: Why is Bill Gates Driving Gov’t Policy for COVID19 and Vaccines?

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott are joined by special guest Piers Robinson for the latest on COVID-19.

Was Government Wrong? Was Coronavirus Really Going to ‘Kill Millions’?

Uncommon Knowledge | Top experts continue to come forward and challenge governments’ draconian ‘lockdown’ policies.

COVID-19 Panic Merchants: Lies, Conspiracies and Statistics (Oh, and Science)

21WIRE | The unwarranted panic created by narcissistic doctors and leveraged by psychopathic politicians in power.

Coronavirus is Being Used to Accelerate the Destruction of the Working Class

Cory Morningstar | ‘We’re going to see something like 10 years of change in 10 weeks.’

Peter Hitchens Dismantles the Government’s Lockdown Policy

John Anderson Show | Questioning the validity of the extreme actions democratic governments are taking around the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Proof That Governments Knew the Crisis Was in Decline Before Lockdown

Andrew Mather | This information has the potential to bring down the governments who so abused their power.

An Important Message from Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane | A moving account from the by one of the alternative community’s most dedicated voices.

UKC News: Indefinite Lockdown? COVID-19 Special Edition

UKC News | Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the latest Coronavirus updates.

‘We’re not New York’: Several U.S. States Have Yet to Issue ‘Stay-at-Home’ Orders

21WIRE | Some states choose to not ‘lockdown’, while others ‘brace’ for what’s coming their way from places like New York City.

Coronavirus: Is ‘Lockdown’ a Step Too Far?

BAMN | Will governments be able to back-out of the corner they have painted themselves into? 

Coronavirus Facts Over Fear: US, UK Gov’t ‘Experts’ Exaggerated Deaths by 131 Times

Andrew Mather | Just how far off were the government’s so-called ‘science experts’?

German Scientist Casts Doubt on Lockdown Logic, ‘Coronavirus Doesn’t Spread That Easy’

21WIRE | Leading German virologist says there’s ‘no proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers.’

COVID-19: Have ‘Real Journalists’ Forgotten the H1N1 Scandal They Reported On?

Tony Cartalucci | The media are failing us, so we must look into the science and statistics ourselves, apply critical thinking, and draw our own conclusions.

Dr. Bruce Lipton: ‘The Truth About This COVID Madness’

Dr. Bruce Lipton | Why unjustified fear will exacerbate the problem, not help it.

UKC News: How Gov’t, Media Are Misleading Public About Coronavirus and COVID19

UKC News | Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen, along with special guest is Andrew Mather, for today’s end of week news round-up.

Netanyahu Shared Fake Video as ‘Proof’ of Iran Coronavirus Cover-up

21WIRE | Israel’s leader has been caught trafficking in internet fake news.

UK Scientist: ‘Government Has Overreacted to Coronavirus, Lockdown is Overblown

21WIRE | Mainstream media and government ‘experts’ are drifting out competing doomsday scenarios, each pretending to be able to project the number of dead – but none of it adds up.

COVID-1984: Rick Hack Reports

Rick Hack | If you are relying on the mainstream media to give you answers, you’ll be waiting forever.

Coronavirus: It’s Time for Facts Over Fear

Andrew Mather | Why aren’t people paying attention to facts, and opting for fear instead?

Saudi Officials Indicate Hajj Pilgrimage May Be Canceled This Year

21WIRE + MEE | For the first time in human history, most of the world’s governments have simultaneously outlawed religious gathering.

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